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Burmese Movies has updated its website address. THAT KIND OF DARE Openings Film & Proud Slow Film Festival! Myo Min has dedicated his time to the struggle for people' s protection and protection of liberties in his area. Twenty-four years in Thailand, a different way of loving, a chance that things will be just and better in his native Burma.

This year' s opening evening of the celebration, this Myanmar based teacher and campaigner will be talking to us about what this kind of love means. This is a portrayal of a struggling live, showing the whole image of human right and liberties in Burma through his gaze.

Myo Min with his proud and courageous posture is a far from acting as the sacrifice, and this movie is his heroic poet. There' s a better way to open this year's &PROUD festival in collaboration with Equality Myanmar. Aung Myo Min, a teacher and campaigner of Burma's people, was loved in this way when he returned home after 24 years in custody.

It picks up on the concept that fellowship and inclusiveness are the basis for sensible policy and societal transformation in Burma/Myanmar. Myo' s view that all - from infants to transgenders to ethnic nations - are entitled to respect for all - makes this kind of love an offer of hopes for the coming years.

Burmese Human Rights Education Institute of Burma Director Aung Myo Min talks to Salzburg Global Seminar about his poll on how the old UK bestiality legislation, extortion, molestation and household expectation are affecting Burmese people.

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