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" Overseas, too, the Burmese have praised the film for its vivid depiction of the military's oppression of the Karen people. The All Saints Official Movie Website. and we were kings: Burma's last royalty The Open City Dokumentary Festival will feature the première of We Were King, a re-discovery of Burma's missing princely people. Abandoned and banished from Britain, they now emerge from the shadow of a land undergoing a period of seaquake. The Whicker's Wordfoundation's first prize went to Alex Bescoby, a writer and filmmaker, for this fascinating film.

Sot Mae, Thailand

Before BCMF was founded, a number of surgical infants were either seriously disabled or dying early. BCMF not only finances the health care of our clients, but also provides them with board and lodging while they are in wards.

Patient safehouse will be a secure place for the patient and their carers to spend time during the course of care. Contribute to the BCMF to give kids and grown-ups with serious health problems a healthier lifestyle by contributing to our fundraising drive for the Patient Safehouse in Chiang Mai.

Our BCMF, BAMF and BWMF donor programmes are able to provide treatments for a wide range of diseases. BCMF's small but effective volunteer service consists of a small group of people in Chiang Mai and Mae Sot, Thailand. There are also a few people who provide their own resources and knowledge to support BCMF in a wide range of important work.

Successfully intervening in medicine for the benefit not only our clients but the whole population. Thanks to the generous support of our donors and single donors, the BCMF is able to care for seriously ill people. 100 percent of the single donation goes directly into the cost of the treatment.

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