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Sixty-five for nothing. Dying for something."

Sixty-five for nothing. From Michael Winfrey, LONDON(Reuters) - In his latest "Rambo" feature Sylvester Stollone does not want to be content with beating Myanmar's army rulers on cellsuloid and confronting the regime face to face with people. Reuters said that Reuters' report that his documentary became a bootlegging success in the land formerly known as Burma and was an inspirational highlight for the dissident was a high point in his cinematography.

"In a very strange way, these unbelievably courageous folks found a kind of voices in US cinemas.... They actually used some of the film's quotations as collection points," said Stollone, 61, in a phone conversation. The Vietnam War vet John Rambo - best known for cutting down foes with an M60 machinegun in the 1980s - retired from Thailand to rescue a group of Chinese missionsaries from a Myanmar military big shot.

He said that instead of making a movie about Iraq or Darfur, he was focusing on a lesser-known crises before Myanmar came into the limelight in September when the Burmese army junta destroyed a pro-democracy struggle run by Buddhist friars. "At last they have an understanding of how violent these guys are," said Steallone.

Stallones is focusing specifically on the Karen strain in the east of Myanmar. Numerous racial groups have been fighting for more self-sufficiency since the country's liberation from Britain in 1948. He said he was connected with some, and several former liberation campaigners were involved in the fic. He' s hoping the picture can cause a fight.

"I only hope that the Myanmar army, because it is so incredibly offended, would call it a lie and bizarrely propagandal. "The second-placed" opener last months in the US till will return to the old Grecian fighter spoke "Meet the Spartans", which makes $18. 2 million in its first sunday.

He said he was pleased with what he called "the bluest, R-film (for) one generation" and was hoping to make another. ANGKOK ( "Reuters") - Myanmar police have given rigorous instructions to Myanmar videographers not to store the new Rambo picture in which the Vietnam war vet competes against Burma's reigning army junk.

In spite of the ban, pirate prints of the film are widespread on the roads of the former German capitol, where it is quickly becoming a topic of conversation among a public that wants to throw off 45 years of army hegemony. "They are going mad with the quote'Live for nothing, perish for something'," said a local, citing the slogan of the 4th Rambo rate, which opened this weekend in the United States.

Although it has been criticized mildly, it is likely to be a sure thing for the junta's enemies, with some even hopeful that it could trigger a transformation of the poor South East Asia state. "The film could stir up the mood of the Myanmar community to send out U.S. forces to rescue them from the junta," an Yangon Reuters citizen said by e-mail.

The film features John Rambo, starring Hollywood super star Sylvester Stallone, retiring from Bangkok to rescue a group of Christians who were captured by forces in the jungle of East-Burm. Like earlier Rambo movies, it's just a matter of time and space when it comes to bloody gut and body parts - although the audience thinks it's all relatively.

"but his atrocity is nothing like that of the Burmese army junta," said a Myanmar Thai college graduate who did not want to be called Reuters. Almost 3 month ago we were the first page to tell the tale that Stallone and the Weinstein firm are already in the final stages of putting together a fifth film.

Now that the forth movie has been released, our tale has been reaffirmed elsewhere. Our shovel is approved by deadline Hollywood Daily, where Nikki Finke called Harvey Weinstein, who told her for the next episode that they want to take her back to the United States.

Asked if Stallone was getting too old for this crap, Harv replied: "I like the concept of an older man kickin' his butt. Take Rambo's point cognition, $18. 2 large integer This time period is one of the attempt ceremony for any of their show, and the Weinstein are expecting it to do day superior foreign.

New Year' s Eve Stallone got Sylvester on the Los Angeles Media Conference for "Rambo", which he composed, staged and played on the basis of David Morrell's personalities. Shot in and around Chiang Mai, Thailand, "Rambo" also plays Julie Benz ("Dexter", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), Paul Schulze ("The Sopranos"), Matthew Marsden ("Resident Evil:

20 years after the last movie of the show, John has retired to the north of Thailand, where he drives a long boat on the Salween River. The longest civilian battle in the history of the Burma - Karen conflicts is raging on the near Thai-Burma frontier (Myanmar) into its 1960s. He is living a lonely, easy way of living in the hills and jungle to catch and trade venomous snake.

This all changes when a group of missionary humanitarian workers ask Mr Rambos to lead them up the Salween to provide the Karen clan with nourishment and shelter. A few months after the trip, the missionary finds out that the same people are being detained outside the embassy's missionary range of the Myanmar Forces.

Here is what he had to tell us about his new picture and his forthcoming projects: F: HOW DO YOU FARE WHEN YOU LISTEN TO GEORGE BUSH WHO ARE CALLED RAMBOS? I know, I know. Why does it rhyme with you? WHAT INDUCED YOU TO MAKE ANOTHER "RAMBO" VIDEO?

You know, you' re a man with summits and dales, and you listen to the things you're kind of known for. If I could end my carreer with something, I'd like to end the dead ends on rambon because the last one didn't work in afghanistan and the last rocky didn't work.

qu: in the black-white alptraumequence, one used a clipe from the idle end of "FIRST BLOOD", where RAMBO TRAUTMAN DAZU managed to slay him. Oh, you got it. F: IF YOU PUT THAT IN THERE, WILL YOU TELL THE PUBLIC THAT RAMBO DREAMS THAT HE WISHES IT HAD ENDED THERE AND THAT THIS TRAUTMAN HAD MURDERED HIM?

No, no, no, no. At last it does rambos. He goes to his dad, who's a thoroughbred Indian by the way. It is not crowded. As he is faced with humans and communities, anger and humiliation begin to develop. It is that he is defending those who cannot protect themselves.

You mean back to the cottage? Yes, that was by far the last of the scenes. In any case. F: WILL YOU SEE YOURSELF AGAIN AT "RAMBO"? No. STALLONE: I have a very, very strange notion. It just gets in there and gets the crowd going,'Okay, that's possible.

The Bequest? I always discuss it with Arnold. Stylistically, the first movie I made was Paradise Alley, which was very stylised and I didn't really know what I was doing, but it was more of a stream. I get crazy watching a movie about the jungles and then dollies.

In the last fight, I had nine. F: WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO OPEN THE FILM WITH DOCUMENTARY FOOTAGE OF ACTUAL HAPPENINGS IN BURMA? SALLONE: I depended on the fact that the public knew nothing about Burma, even though we heard about the genocide of the friars two month ago.

So, I just wanted to update it and there's nothing more impressive than watching genuine newsreels that show that you're not just making a movie that's a fancy. It' like showing Vietnam, and then you actually go to the movies. And then the second sequence is the run in the field, which is just satiated in colour and then pops, we are at the beginning of the movie.

F: THE POPULARS HAVE SAID THAT THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL FILMS WE HAVE SEEN IN A LONG WHILE. Not one of the best. You' ve been in conflict, but you' re talking about a genuine issue. While we are talking, poeple are being killed and brutally torturing in the way you can think of, and this movie will show that.

Humans can turn away. It was very, very good, but this is another film. It is. Basically, if you're beaten at full throttle, and I don't know if you've seen it on YouTube, but folks having some stuff from Iraq - if you're beaten with a fifty-gauge, you're quite literally emulated.

It is horrible when you see a situation of great power. You' re not slightly injured and say,'Oh, yes. So, the Cgie was necessary because we couldn't even give the guys that much explosives. On this scale. In' Rocky', to fill the top row[of people] in the crowd, I had to use some cgi but yeah, this is the first one.

but how do you make a hole in them? The last one? Do you know what it will be if you don't give the public in a movie like this avenge emotion? Yeah, we did. The hardest part, I think the overnight rescues, because we had 28 whole overnight stays.

Yes, I did. F: WHAT WAS THE MOST WORTHWHILE PART OF THE FILM FOR YOU? Oh, my god. This had to be the last fight scenery, because Gambo is not really involved in the physical world. There are three ways. Infamous? F: So there's no way to make a film with you, Bruce and Arnold?

I think Bruce is a way. "On January 25, Rambo" opens at the theater. I' m giving you a budget for you! With The Lady, Tornatore wants to make an English-language debut on Burma's Nobel Peace Prize laureate on January 15, 2008 - Italian filmmaker Giuseppe Tornatore is planning his first English-language film about Burma's democratic personality and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Ms Okamoto is one of the few foreign women to have struck Suu Kyi since her detention by the Burma Army Junior Government 17 years ago. Having received her approval to create a film on the basis of her own lives, he asked Tornatore to direction it, as she has an attachment to women's figures. Born in Burma after World War II, the general's sister, who was negotiating Burma's sovereignty of Great Britain, was trained at Oxford University and remarried an British academic before she returned to her home country in 1988.

She won the 1990 election, but was hindered from taking over by the country's governing regime. In 1997, when her husbands were diagnosed as having cancers, the Myanmar authorities refused him an entrance permit to see his woman. Arad, known for films inspired by Marvel Comics super heroes such as Spider-Man and X-Men, sees the film as a new start, even though he is planning "The Lady" as a film with the greatest public value.

It is in English, the native tongue of Suu Kyi, who is speaking it at home.

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