Burmese Money Exchange

Myanmar Money Exchange

Burma uses a mixture of Burmese Kyat for local shopping and US dollars for hotels, travel and major expenses. So as far as I can remember, the exchange offices around Pattaya/Bangkok have listed Myanmar's currency, so you should be able to do it in Thailand. Anybody know where I can change Burmese money (Kyat) here in Bangkok?

Burma Money and Travel Tips

Burmese Kyat is the country's main local currencies. The country has come a long way and has seen many historical occurrences in Myanmar. Myanmar's money has undergone significant changes in form, colour and unity from the first date of issue to the present time. Myanmar's first Kyat was issued in the form of golden and sterling bronze medals until 1889.

Then 16 Kyat swapped 1 golden Kyat. Kyat corresponded to the Rupee of India, which took Kyat's place when Burma was the British nomad. In 1942, when Burma was under Japanese rule, the rupee was open to the people.

The Kyat was reintroduced in 1943 to substitute for the rupee. The value of the Kyat was then restricted after the end of the conflict, when the rupee came into orbit. It was published on July 1, 1952 and remained in use until 1989. For Kyats, the monetary key is MMK, and the monetary sign is C; the small units are 1/100 =ppa.

Kyats unity is the broad area from 50 pya to K10,000. They each have their own colour, their own icon and their own picture, which contains the myanmar ghost, the essence of Tradition. In the countryside you will use a mixture of US dollar and Myanmar Kya. Nearly all of our hotel, national air fare and admission are denominated in US dollar, while everything else (food, snacks, use, etc.) is used in the city.

Together with US dollar, if you want to use Euro and Singapore dollar, it is quite simple to exchange at the Yangon International Airports (& Mandalay) and the local bank. The following are exchange rate indicators for some of our major currency pairs (updated 21 March 2018 on the basis of Myanmar Central Bank data). If you choose to make your Myanmar trips, take all the money you are planning into the land in hard currency and use Visa/Mastercard as a back-up.

Airports (during normal opening hours) and banking are the best places to change money. Don't trade money on the street or on the illegal trade. There are now over 1,000 ATMs in Myanmar in 2018. There are several places in Myanmar that accept payment using your major bank account, so just in case you run out of money you may be able to use your bank account, but there may be charges.

If you use your debit cardholder, it is best to call your payment service provider and your local banking in order to let them know that you will be travelling, so that the likelihood of your debit cardholder being suspended is diminished.

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