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Home Menu About opening hours & location - Reservations Contact. img-menu. Burmese cuisine is the best in the bay. Dinner menu - Dinner. Burmese cuisine and innovative Asian fusion dishes.

AI Burmese cuisine, Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Crunchy, handwrapped samusas stuffed with potatoes, peppers, onions, chilli and herbs. Serve with our unique tamarindsauce. Serve with chilli garlick chilli chinaigrette. Multi-layer pancake from India, garnished with coconut-curry gravy or almonds. Groundnuts, Lentil, Roasted Cloves, Seeds of Fennel, Seeds of Sunflowers, Tomatoes, Roemer Salad with Limette Tealeafressing.

Gelber Bohnenquark, grated kale, Koriander, Sesam and grinded groundnuts with a Tamarinden Knoblauchsauce. Blend of pasta, sliced vegetable, salted potato, chopped dried prawns, powdered beans, cloves and shallots. Jasmin with roasted shallots, cloves, chickpea flour, prawns, lentils, groundnuts, potato, grated kale, powdered chickpeas, spiced with tamarindsauce.

Ris, kale, peanuts, roasted cloves of clove, tomatoes with basil dressings, tomatoes, sesameseed. Pasta with a mixture of slowly cooking chickens, fresh hot beans, chilli beans, crunchy onions, seasonings and coriander and peanuts. It is a kind of red or red wine with curcuma, onions and green beans. Pike catfish slowly prepared with onions, green onions, green onions, green catfish and beans based broth prepared with pasta, eggs and beans.

Steamusa, peppers, fresh spearmint, chopped kale, onions, coriander and chilli with tamarindsauce in lentilsoup. Various veggies in Burmese tamarinds lentilsoup based on spices. Fried prawns with crisp white and blue peppers and curcuma bellota. Fried with onions and seafood sauces. Crunchy roasted beans with onions and seafood sauces.

Cut bacon & chicky breasts, paprika and onions with spicy sauces. Chopped chicky breasts, crunchy mushrooms, maize, paprika & mushrooms sauteed with spicy sauces. Fried chillies, onions, glices and dried chillies with fried peppersauce. Cut chicky breasts, crunchy beans in a spicy gravy.

Stuffed with seafood, paprika and fried onions, in fresh and savoury sauces. Fillet of sirloin, paprika, onions, stir-fried in fresh savoury savour. Prawns, paprika, onions, stir-fried in freshly baked bass. Slightly whipped delicate pig meat pralines thrown in chili-garlic-soy vinegrette. Boned chickens legs with soft curried herbs.

Delicate diced veal, potatoes with soft curried herbs. Delicate diced mutton with soft curried herbs. Delicate diced veal and tealeaves with herbs. Lambs dices and tealeaf boiled with specific herbs. Khana daal, diced veal boiled gently with India herbs. Night lyin' with Burmese condiments and boiled with cabocha pumpkin.

Soft pig meat in Burmese camry with shinachiku. Luxurious tiltapia with Burmese herbs, tomatoes and coriander. Roasted grill fillet of smoked fish with coconut-lime based sauce. Fried prawns, stir-fried in coconut-lime-gravy. Burmese sourfoli, olives, sprouts of burmese cucumber, chilli and prawns boiled with burmese herbs.

Burmese fried egg and ladyfingers in Burmese terrine based on tomatoes andamarind. Eggplants, cauliflowers, kale, pumpkin, carrots und potato, prepared with Burmese herbs, Tamarinde and lentils. Hot peppers, hot peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes. Sauté ground dry prawns with chilli, onions and sauces.

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