Burmese men

Burmese men

Here are thousands of photos and profiles of men looking for romance, love and marriage from Burma. Truncated short hair, called bo ke (????

???) replaced long hair as the norm among Burmese men. At the age of ten to sixteen, most young Burmese men and some young women become Buddhist novices and move to a monastery. Locate the perfect Burmese man photo. There are eight men in Indian and Burmese costumes.

How Burmese men pump coconut seed into their tails

You have ever been looking at a pan of chestnut seed liver fat and looking drunk, inject some into your thick to make it bigger? Well, that's one thing they do. That is exactly what the Burmese and Thai peoples are doing, where my boyfriend Koko met the phenomena in a shelter.

Coco is a medicine major who was looking after Karen escapees in a Thai-Burmese frontier shelter. Karen tribe is an ethnical group that is trying to avoid hundreds of years of harassment in Burma for the more tolerance Thailand. Karen needs help in these places for a number of complaints, especially this rather strange thing that some of the boys get into.

It' s called''Karen Viagra'' and any depiction of it will corrode your head lobes like the ultimative Cronenberg album. Karen men generally injects cochineal oils into their pens and sometimes their testes, making the pens look and touch larger. Now, first, the coir will solidify around the cock - the real cock - between the flesh of the stem and the body itself.

After a few years, your dick will just stop working. Did Karen Viagra ever work? They just fill shots with hazelnut seed oils and put them under the flesh. Everything you have in the operation is topical anesthesia. They simply injected the topical anaesthetic in various places around the erection of the pector. Ultimately, you will have less penises than you started with[before the injection of your palm oil].

Could you guide us through the operation? They use a knife to slice the part of the body that is, after the operation, down to the plane of the real part. Actually, give a pruning until you slice around the bottom and generally just pull away a coat of pecker.

You then try to remove the linseed and carve it with a knife at the same time. It' just a really violent operation. Worse is that you can feel the crunch of it. This is because the coir fuel is sprayed in fluid form and solidified.

Just think of slicing through a piece of wood like this. Now they' re doing this.... coconut-tail-operation. You give them enough topical anaesthetic to anaesthetize them, but that goes away after about twenty mins. It' not so much the hurt I suspect, but the consciousness while your cock is skinned in front of you.

I will always recall the little snap, snap, snap, snap-tone. This is very special, I think, for the Karen people.

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