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Yangon Burmese Massage

Traditional Burmese footbath: I am visiting Myanmar in a few weeks with a friend and since we have a day in Yangon before we fly home, we would like to have Burmese (full body) massages. Hand massage treatment concentrates on applying a variety of pressure points to the body. Relieve and rejuvenate muscle pain and city stress with Burmese massage therapy. The Inya Day Spa - the best day spa in Yangon, Myanmar.

Superb Burmese Massage - Review of Sapel Burmese Foot Spa, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Massage is a holiday for me, so I get it wherever I go. That massage I got here was awesome. I' ve seen good critiques from this place, so I chose a massage. They are very kind. Messaurus was either weary or inexperienced.

We' re intensifying the education of our spas personnel to make sure all our clients get a good feel for the Burmese people. We thank you for your patience and appreciation that our spas personnel could be sleepy from a long working week. There is also a translator on each seat so that clients can study Burmese language in order to educate our spas personnel, increasing or decreasing their massage strength.

We thank you for your patience and look forward to giving our resort another opportunity. Teemu Lahtinen, we take every criticism from our clients seriously. That would be intolerable to our clients. In the Sapel SPA our spas employees mainly offer massage feet for clients seated on our classic seats.

Our employees sit directly in front of you during the meeting, face to face. If the performance is not satisfactory, the Customer may apply for a transfer of personnel within the term of the cure, which will be co-designed by our team. Reception had tried to tell you that it could be a mistake between you and our resort personnel as they speak about a different issue in their native Burmese-speaking area.

Were you at the Burmese Foot Spa traditionally Sapal?

Yangon Burmese massage? - Zang-soon (Rangoon) Board

Yangon Burmese massage? I' m going to Myanmar in a few week with a boyfriend and since we have a full days in Yangon before we go home, we would like to have Burmese (full body) rub. I took a look on-line and there are many good looking spa, but it seems to be only offering Thailand massage or Burmese feet massage.

Anybody got a recommendation for a place to have a Burmese full-body massage? Yangon Burmese massage? This is Japanece massage. Another thing is the masagers are dumb and deaf ( "well educated by Japan"). Yangon Burmese massage? I' ve only tried the Thai full bodymassage in Yangon, and from what I've been reading, the Burmese massage is quite similar.

Yangon Burmese massage? The Burmese massage is not quite the same as the Thai massage. On the one hand, they will go or at least like you, and it's less....stretchy than Thai. The majority of folks would engage a local massage therapist for a home massage where they could massage the whole group. Massagesaloons are mainly for sexual.

Yangon Burmese massage? We' ve been to a spa for full massage and they love us and they're not for it! Yangon Burmese massage? You' re going to therapy massage. No. This is not a fuck salon. Burmese massage salon in Yangon is almost exclusively intended for sexual activity, because it is more tradition to do it at home.

I' ve been living in Thailand for a long period of my life and had many Thais, they never got on me. Maybe your place was the combination of a Burmese method if you are only educated in Thai massage but are still Burmese as well. Yangon Burmese massage? sounds ForkintheGlobe known especially massage. These are not real Myanmar-massage.

Only additional business news. Myanmar has only freelancers or homemade news professionals. Probably no other kind of massage in spa or salon. It' quite difficult to find a real professional massage specialist in Yangon. Yangon Burmese massage? I definitely don't know anything about the sexual massage from my own experiences (I am a woman), just because I have travelled to Myanmar many a time, lived at the Burmese frontier and heard it from Burmese people:).

Like you say, everyone I know gets a Burmese (non-Thai) massage at home, or I appreciate at the masseur's house. Yangon Burmese massage? Yangon Burmese massage? Yangon Burmese massage?

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