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Burgers; Burmese; Cafes. See what's popular at Sun's Burmese Kitchen in real time and see activities, reviews and reviews! It' the first time I've tasted Burmese food and it hasn't disappointed me! We' re big fans of Rangoon Ruby and Moh Kitchen.

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Fancy garlic pasta, consoling sherbet or homemade dill? The Burmese places have a special dinner prepared just for you. Burma Superstar is at the top of the ranking. in Temescal, Burma's most beloved Burmese food place, with four out of 2,030 ratings on Yelp.

Myanmar Superstar does not accept bookings, and waiting times are often long. Further up is the Teni East Kitchen on Piedmont Avenue, located on 4015 Broadway (between 40 and 41 streets), run by Teni Shibabaw, a Burmese superstar vet. Burmese Indians, with 4.5* out of 212 ratings on Yelp, have proved to be a favourite for courts such as cuminbelly, curried and roasted celery.

The Jack London Square's Grocery Café at 90 Franklin Street is another top selection: the coffee, tearoom and Burmese commercial are awarded 4.5 star out of 210 ratings by Yorkers. The top 4 is rounded off by Burma Bear, a Burmese place offering BBQ, quick-catering and more. Featuring four asterisks from 100 yelp feedbacks, clients enjoy his roasted brown rice, hazelnut paddy and spaghetti.

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Thought Burma Love, Burma Superstars new affiliate would be the ideal place, as they had just opened a few nights earlier and the term hadn't got around yet....yet. Fortunately there was no line or waiting time when we came for supper last night..... but (their site on Clemen St usually has a waiting time of over 2 hours on weekends).

Information on yelp is incorrect. Later I found out that Burma Love has a slightly different concept: They use biological, free-range meat and they don't use an MGS. There was not as rugged in taste as their Clement road lay, but it was still good with all the delicious hazelnut taste and crisp finish.

Normally I would also order the mohinga (Burmese nationwide dish), but I wanted to try something else. Wasn' t a big fan of the food, it was very dull, too cute and there wasn't much of it. It would be better if they were to increase the spice and warmth to compensate for the sweeteness of the coir and pumpkins.

We loved the king of the nights, the mutton, which was delicate, spicy and ardent. Perfect with the perfect combination of crystallised crystals and the finest quality ingredients. Thousand-ply bread with evaporated water & $10 chocolate cone icecream sounds great on a piece of cardboard, but the finish is really missing: bit.ly/1tyjjjNv. They had an exquisite crème of chocolate cake, but the plateau was baked and very firm, which made it impossible to distinguish the layer.

Considering that they only opened for a whole weekend, the kitchen was on the spot and we got all our meals quickly. Contrary to its pristine, smaller and modest position on Clement, Burma Love's has a large room with a private cafe area.

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