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I take Burmese at every corner, and maybe even more than one per neighborhood outside of Richmond. Burmese cuisine in the Inner Richmond district of San Francisco. Myanmar cuisine - order food online - 330 photos & 244 votes - Burmese - Inner Richmond - San Francisco, CA - Phone number - Menu

I may have ordered a fourth of the articles because I think this place is ideal for the familiar look. I ordered all the pasta here and I like them all! Dinner is good and well made. It seems, however, that the meal is understood by someone who is not Burmese.

I' m not Burmese, but my associates came to the same conclusions. There is no shortage of taste in the meal, but the size of the seafood gravy is not. Teasalad lacks the taste of shrimp....almost vegetarian. I' m still a big supporter because the dinner's good and I' ll be back. Burmese lover of eating may protest.

Delicious meals for a little less trouble than Burma superstar and the other renowned Burmese places. APETISERS ---- Roti: 4 star treat, but not the $9 with sherbet, take the $3 and plunge it into your sherbet casserole. 3. 5 star tea leaf salad:

VEG TELLER ---- Eggplant with garlic: 4 star ---- CaURRY ---- TAMARINDE FISCHCURRY: 4. 5 star pig curry: 4. 5 star extra soft fat pig meat. Lemon Grass and Veal Curry: 3. 5 star ---- pasta ---- garlic noodles: Three star coconut-curry chicken soup: BIRYANI beef: 3 star red and white rices are tasty, but the meat was sober.

Encourage every Burmese lover of eating to come and discover. It' s not the first in the Burmese kitchen, but tonight' s orders are just too tasty to be tru. When we ordered it, we were expecting to wrap up some incomplete meals, but in the end we put everything on the dinner menu.

We' ve ordered fallafel, lettuce, roti with mashed potatoes, noodles made with cloves of cloves and lemon grass-meat. Come here next year. Aromas in the lettuce still bang and I haven't ordered a poor one. Taste the sweet lettuce, a subtle and significantly less nasty variant of the Thai one.

Coquoise paddy is perfectly balanced and amazing. The last we went with gourd crème with prawns. When San Francisco has moved away from dirty, inexpensive foods, we can still match our bucks, and if the Burmese can be at that standard, I will take Burmese on every turn, and maybe even more than one per neighbourhood outside of Richmond.

I' ve ordered the BK Style Signature Vegan Tea Leaf Salad for collection. I' ve been to all the Burmese places in the area, and that's by far the best. It' gaining in flavour, cost and waiting times. Competing players like the Burmese superstar leave you in line for almost an hours to get low -grade meals for which you'll be paying a lot more.

Burmese cuisine also has a great feeling of a mom-and-pop cuisine. Everywhere I go, the same bloke picks up my order. Plus, if you are vegetable or gluten-free, Burmese cuisine is great because every point on the meal is marked as vegetable, peanut or gluten-free. The place can compete with Burma Superstar!

BK Special Tealeafalat more. Your meal has got an real thrill! I always wanted to try Burmese cuisine, and just passed this place by accident. 1 ) Subscription Tealeaf lettuce - Loves the groundnuts, lemongrass, cuttlefish, roasted edam and everything in this one. 2 ) Combined roasted dish - Burmese type fallafel (lemongrass scent really makes that other extra fresh outside), Samoza (well I ever had, thin crisp outside and not an overwhelming spicy stuffing),

gold toffu ( "I don't know what I ate, it was bloody good, good roast dough and the gold toffu wasn't toffu I ever had, I thought it was some kind of pumpkin) plate comes with Tamarin dip 3 ) iris pasta lettuce - colour and soothing . While it didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary, this flavour made me want more 4) Coir Noodlesoup - Coconut-Curry-Basicsuppe.

Much like lacsa, the best way I can describe it for those who had it (my bro said it reminds him of the portugese type that granny uses to make curry) is beautiful flavor of coconuts. Come with something crunchy something that gives a morsel that eats this meal with the mulligan.

5 ) Acidic prawn leaves - it was said that this meal is something you will not find anywhere else and is especially cultivated to be eaten here to have a flavour of home (Burma). If you ignore the prawn, it reminded me of a dry spaghetti in traditional Burmese Indian flavour. 6) Burmese dairy teas - slightly sweet in flavour and 30% sweet.

I wish I had the crispy, green one! I' m glad I tried some Burmese type teas. Friendliness, warmth and hospitality.... recommend meals that are more genuine or specific to Burmese cuisine to someone who has never eaten anything other than making sure we didn't order too much. We offer our meals so that we can enjoy the taste and take ours.

That lettuce was so good. Thought I liked Burmese cuisine until I tried the following three meals here. At $10. 95, the Rice Noodle Salad seemed like a cheeky squishy something that just wasn't alluring. Was the vegan fried pea lettuce just didn't happen either.

I got my meal well in advance and it tastes as if it came from the kitchen to my home, since everything was still warm (rarely for many places). Beyond the shipment, the meal I ordered was tasty (fish and pickled green tea stock, savoury prawns and roasted Burmese rice).

That was the first I ate from here, and I'll definitely be back. Burmese cuisine is one of my top two of the many Burmese cuisines in the Richmond district. I never had Burmese dinner with my New York boyfriend, so this place came to my head because Burma superstar always has a long line, and we were already on the 38th floor.

and the potatoe sausage. It' so good, especially with the soothing marmalade. Wish there were more rotti for the prize (plus there was a whole amount of excess curry), but this loaf is very satiating. I' ve got the balls in Tamarindsauce and the Kokosnussreis by suggestion.

You' ll get three hard-boiled egg in a spicy, spicy curve, and it goes very well with the spicy cochine. But I wish I had done it because it didn't go as well as the rest (except the rice). I' d order this court again though because it's $8. 50, much lower priced than the $13. 50 for two eggs w/ Curry I've had at another pub.

Meals are fast and services are good. I' m reading some of the other comments about tealeaf lettuce, and I'll have to try that next if I' m here. I' m not an Burmese eating specialist, but it seems that lettuce is the main indication of what makes a Burmese place great.

I' ve got the lettuce, veggie ketchup and coccoos. Burma Superstar or Burma Love are much better with tealeafalad. Veggie camellias were rather bad taste and the coir is much better in Burma Superstar. While I know it is less expensive than the other known place, I would rather be paying more for the higher grade of foods.

Burma superstar refuses a proper choice. Pricing here is about half as high as Burma Superstar, although the ambiance is not quite as good and the serving sizes are only slightly smaller. They' re offering a tea leaf lettuce and a tea lettuce boosted lettuce with some extra, although they don't make a big output out of the lettuce and blend it in front of you and instead of your servers doing the thing with the citrus, they just give you a few slices of it when limes on the side to crush themselves.

It' really not comparable to Burma Superstar for the taste of it. And there was so much beef, my sibling. Next year I would surely get more orders from him. The five star rating because there is NOTHING to criticise, and the meal was awesome and quite cheap.

Several of the best mohinga (fish stew) ever made in or outside Burma. Tasty coccoons. Myanmar white latte is a must if you like it, and even if you don't like it, because it is very different from those in the West. So we got the lettuce, which contained a great mixture of cloves, peanuts and citric fruits.

It' a basic Burmese foodstuff and must be safe here. And last but not least, we share the pigs' coke mixture. It was delicate and the taste of coconuts was not overwhelming (as I often find, it is).

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