Burmese Junta

The Burmese junta

The Guardian Burmese Junta threatens protest actions... A local non-profit association seeking help for Burmese; Junta Intervenes.

Myanmar military tribe uses chemicals

There were new witnesses and unearthed witnesses last weekend suggesting the use of raw chemicals against Karenni tribesmen near the Thai-Beltier. Witnesses from two Myanmar deserter who were said to take extra care because they handle chemicals grenades were released by a Belgium photo journalist, Thierry Falise.

Are you looking for the junta in Burma? Sorry, It's Gone Into Riding

"An outbreak of lorries began a massive, costly and confusing move by the Myanmar administration from the main city to a clandestine mountainous area 200 northeast. Diplomates and international financial experts were abandoned a few weeks later after an announcement of the move. It is a full-time task in a mysterious and excentric land like Myanmar to get the real facts out of the maelstrom of rumours and suspicions, and to rely on few facts and many theory.

For years, the move, which the administration told journalists and international embassies the very next morning, but not yet via the state-controlled press, was a rumour. However, according to accounts from the capitol, Yangon, officers and officers, only one or two days were given to grab and say good-bye to their family.

By the time they got to the new location, Pyinmanaa, it was still under building, and there was a shortage of drinking and phone line, and even bedding and groceries, according to the members of the families who were cited by intelligence and exiled groups monitoring Myanmar. International embassies said that if they had emergency dealings with the resettled administration, they could mail a facsimile, but that a number was not yet available.

Much of Myanmar's immense fortifications, according to Myanmar's embattled state, include army headquarter, ministry, huge assembly rooms, homes, resorts, hotels, hospitals, an airfield, subterranean shelters and, not surprising in this golf-loving state. Information Secretary U Kyaw Hsan in Yangon, formerly Rangoon, said that the delegation of the administration had started with 9 of the 32 mines.

There was little in the way of explaining the mysterious move of the former Burmese leader, the Burmese Army Junior. "Because of the changing conditions in which Myanmar is trying to evolve a state-ofthe-art country, a centralized headquarters has become a necessity," it says in a declaration. Burma is a profoundly superstitional country that celebrated its sovereignty of the British on January 4, 1948 at 4:20am.

Departures at 6:37 a.m. were announced by U Aung Zaw, publisher of Irrawaddy Magazine, an emigrant magazine located in neighbouring Thailand and a contact base within Myanmar. Theoretically, the move was initiated by astrologists who a few years ago alerted the reigning general that the decaying Bengalese capitol would become a perilous place for them.

Condoleezza Rice Myanmar, State Secretary, along with North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Zimbabwe and Belarus, added Myanmar to a register of "outposts of tyranny" in January. Myanmar officers sometimes provide their own lists to visitors: Recently, after a Myanmar history, a senior army commander was asked about the objective of mandatory education for civilians.

"They are the arrest suit against the Americans until the Chinese come to our aid," said the official, according to David I. Steinberg, a Georgetown University lecturer who is a senior Myanmar official. Mr. Steinberg said rumours of US "salvation" are circulating among opposition members of the administration - a stream of pipe dreams as fancy as the fear of the reigning general.

As in Saddam Hussein, "to be" means diamond in the Myanmar dialect. "Shwe " -- as in General Than Shwe, the head of the army jungle -- means golden. No way of knowing if there was a link at the beginning of this months when the government opened a street in the German capitol that led past the entry of the United States Embassy.

In Myanmar, the junta's move to a stronghold is a reflection of what many Myanmar scholars call a buffer mindset, given what they see as a confusing and aggressive one. "I' m always getting the same thing," Mr. Steinberg said about the Burmese military government.

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