Burmese Junta

The Burmese junta

EMNO is funding the Burmese junta. Burma's junta response is killing tens of thousands of people. hazard TONY KINSELLA comments that the insufficient reaction of the army after cyclone Nargis highlights its weaknesses. The 200,000 people of Laputta found Friday's last Friday weekend quite appalling. Whipping rains and gusty wind, as predicted in Burma's national press, were strong, albeit seasonally.

The junta's tourists' hostels near the Irrawaddy must have guessed what those with direct contact to overseas news outlets already knew.

There was a hurricane on the way and the hotel was preparing for extraordinary storms. At about 2 p.m., Hurricane Nargis from the Bay of Bengal shouted in. Flood-like rains, drifted by winches of over 200 km/h, were followed by a seawater face up to six m high. Laputta was leveled and screamed upcountry.

Around noon on Saturday, Nargis devastated Rangoon, a town of almost six million inhabitants, with wind speeds of 240 km/h. Lloyd's List reported that the tank terminals in Thilawa, about 25 km downriver from Rangoon, had been badly affected and all crane equipment had been dismantled. Burma's traffic infrastructures weren't much to spell before Nargis' attack.

A 320-kilometer journey from Rangoon to the recently rebuilt East Asian Stalinista capitol Naypyitaw took up to 10hrs. According to the CIA, the state had only 3,200 km of asphalt in 2005. Burmese officials estimate the number of fatalities at 22,500, another 41,000 are still unaccounted for. Diplomates in Rangoon have proposed more than 100,000 deaths.

What these estimations are predicated on cannot be determined in a 55 million-population state. Twenty-five years ago, the junta last tried a spot survey. There is little understanding of how many issues the Burmese administration governs. Now, if Naypyitaw has no clue how many Burmese there were before Nargis hit, how can he guess the losses from his secluded city?

Since 1962 Burma has been governed by a junta in one way or another. Burma has repeatedly defied its warlords, most touchingly in 1974 at the burial of the country's most illustrious boy, former UN Secretary-General U Thant. The National League for Democracy of Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi won 392 out of 489 in May 1990, but the junta refused the results.

She' ll stay under housebreaking in Rangoon. The junta recklessly repressed wide-spread Buddhist monks' protest in August 2007. Myanmar is a rich, fruitful land whose peoples are hungry. It has significant natural resources such as natural resources such as natural resources, precious stones and minerals. Burma's junta's cruelty, spearheaded by Snr-Gen Than Shwe, who is 75 years old and allegedly seriously ill, is more due to her failure and her people's begging than to the way she treats enemies or minority rabble.

About 200,000 or more Burmese may have been killed by the junta's failure. The dictatorship is wasting limited means on police to supervise and keep an eye on its population. Young senior staff members and on-the-ground civil servants are hesitant - and lives are dying. Because critique is a career hazard, a junta can never learnt from the wrong. In 2007, when Cyclone Sidr hit Bangladesh, 3. 2 million were displaced and about 4,000 were killed.

Junta rejects immediate West interference. On May 5, Laura Bush's urgent and inappropriate White House news briefing called on the Burmese junta to so threateningly embrace external assistance that its refusal is almost guaranteed. Myriad Burmese are either killed or killed, and another million are at stake because we have not yet agreed on minimal overall norms and interventions.

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