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Richmond Burmese House

The owner of the Burmese House, Mimi, gives you the opportunity to get to know this fascinating country. The Burmese House Restaurant, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Look what your friends are saying about the Burmese House. The phenomenon was followed by Rangoon Rubys and Burma Houses and Pagans. District Richmond - Upper Haight.

Richmond Best Dinner - Burmese House Review, Richmond, Australia

Totally tasty Burmese meal! Overnight in Richmond and walked along Bridge Road around 9pm to find a place for supper. It was a small group of people in the Burmese house, so we thought it was a hopeful signal - and we were not upset!

It is also possible to order curries "hotness" - smooth, middle or spicy. This is exactly what I would have at home in Myanmar, Burma. All of the employees seem to be from Myanmar, and they are very nice and professionally minded. Eating has not been refined as in most of Australia's Asiatic eateries, but they give clients a selection of seasonings, so they are not too much of a surprise about the more flavor.

I' m definitely going to return and this would be the place to acquaint my Australian buddies with an genuine Myanmar cuisine. I' ve been to the Burmese House many a time, also with my Burmese family. The meals are genuine and the services are always fast, considerate and alert. I was disappointed when I asked my mates to try Burmese.

Like I said, the ordered meal was tasty, but our experiences were complicated by the fact that we could not order what we wanted. In the Burmese House we were very much looking forward to a "banquet" with a group of mates. Have you been to the Burmese house?

Burmesisches Haus Richmond Review 2014

Myanmar's flavours are not new to Melbourne, but their finesse may be underestimated. It is true that there are strong Indian and Thai influence, but with less spices and sugars, the fruits and spices are speaking for themselves. They say: pumpkin finger in the dough has a crispy crunchiness, a lettuce of marinated tealeaves, vegetable, nuts and tomatoes is lightweight and snappy.

Curry's are ample but not overwhelming - try a type of chili with daytime seafood or a savoury chickpeas and greengrocer. Our employees will be pleased to train your taste buds, so take full benefit.

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