Burmese Grocery Store Nyc

Nyc Burmese grocery store

Only two Burmese restaurants in New York City: Myanmar bites, Long Island City. Cuisine and Household - Kindle Store - Jewelry - Industry & Science - Health & Beauty - Home & Garden - Food - Gourmet Food - Electronics - DVD. A poorly informed web review also indicated that Little Burma grocery store was closed. Eating at Crazy Crab, Flushing's Yunnan-Burmese-Cajun Crab Shack.

Small Myanmar Mini Mart

That website returned up most of the writings on groceries quite a few years, but a new and thrilling one has opened in a small room in the Jackson Heights. Thrilling especially because Myanma Food is my favourite in the whole wide globe, and the town is almost without it. Myanmar Mini Mart just opened last weekend and has found a small home in the small shopping centre known for its Lhasa Fast Food lodger, a small local kiosk on the back of the first storey.

Rather than turning right after the telephone store, turn right and continue following the signposts to Mini-Mart. You will find the owner Thidar Kyaw and her brandnew store there. Born in Yangon, Ms Kyaw now imports some of the most important Myanma cuisine products, as well as packed goods such as Instant Pasta and lettuce, probably Myanmar's most popular cuisine.

We had a girlfriend bring a packed lettuce of tealeaf from the Thai frontier near Myanmar where sheives. In Little Myanmar they wear the Yoma Myanmar label for $3.99, which is proving to be quite a large part. In Myanmar we were enjoying different varieties that combine tomato, so we chopped some and put them in.

There was no selection in the store, but after assembling everything, it's a very tangy mélange. Myanmar offers a combination of everything and you can choose your own herbs. Though not as good as the other mark, the Yoma Myanmar is still a good portrayal of the court, and quite satisfactory.

Anybody who has good emotions for this lovely Myanma meal will be satisfied with this one. In the course of the tour, they also bought packets of Myanmar teas and jams for desserts. We' re wishing Ms. Kyaw and her new store all the best.

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