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The Burmese cuisine I didn't know anything about, I was looking for the familiar Indian cuisine, and it had it. In Erlanger KY. we are a small family owned Asian grocery store. Food store in Erlanger, Kentucky. The best place to buy food nearby.

You can browse through our large selection of fresh products and oriental foods.

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Welcome to Mum's House, where you can get and buy our genuine Burmese groceries and groceries made in Burma. The majority of the fish are Burmese and try our local fish dishes. We also have other genuine Burmese dishes and tasty sweets. Burmese health-giving, ready-to-eat, genuine Burmese groceries and spices made in Burma for home or local deliveries are also available.

Magazines, cartoons, novels, religious texts and Burmese primary text books are in store. Tapes, Music Audio CD, Karaoke VCD, Movie VCD s, Burmese art and Burmese and other ethnical groups are now also available. Pre-orders for house and on-site delivery are accepted for parties and functional orders and there can be specific reductions.

We will give free consultation for your order of food and beverages.

Burmese Bodega Food & Drink

A Burmese cook and a Burmese design artist are working on a re-inventing the neighbourhood winery on a tranquil road nook in East Oakland - a place where the fellowship can meet, eat genuine South East Asia food and buy wholesome greens and aromatic plants instead of sodas and cigars?

The Grocery Café (2248 Ave. Oct. 10 th, E. 22rd St.) is an aspiring, multi-faceted grocery store that comes to a district that is largely without shops and hypermarkets. There is a large variety of dishes at the Champa Garden, a Lao based favourite just a few steps away. It will operate as a Burmese café and grocery store specialising in Asiatic products.

It was created by head cook William Lue - who last threw Burmese cuisine at the (now closed) West Oakland South Oakland South African meal centre Brothers Kitchen on the weekend - and Oakland-based design stud Jeffrey Lim, who runs the estate. The Grocery Cafe is probably Lue's most challenging one.

Lue said he wanted not only to get the food service off the ground, but also to strengthen the country' delivery chains for hard-to-find veggies and spices used in South East Asia cuisine. To this end, he currently works with a couple of dozens of mother-and-pop peasants in the Central Valley, many of them South East Asians, who want to provide him with products ranging from relatively everyday (e.g. cloves, lemon grass, etc.) to arcane objects (e.g. the pumpkin, a kind of pumpkin whose foliage, according to Lue, is tasty when immersed in prawn paste).

For example, a Fresno countryman will be supplying him with a large amount of rose, a type of rose that is widely used in Burmese cuisine. A Californian peasant would also like to find a Californian farm worker who could provide him with chilled durian (the well-known strong-smelling aromatic exotic fruit) and the Asiatic version of mringa, a so-called "superfood" that is used in a wide range of broths and cereals.

He said he would give growers a reasonable premium for products that are mostly organically grown - or, if the holdings are too small to be certified as organically grown, at least pesticide-free. A lot of what they cultivate will be used in his own food outlets - Grocery Cafe, The Refined Palate and another Burmese food outlet he plans to open in San Ramon.

Lue also wants to make these extraordinary products available to the home chefs of East Bay - hence Grocery Cafe's "grocery" section. He wants to buy at least a few freshly imported farm grown greens and aromatic plants a few nights a month. It will be an integrated part of the company's corporate responsibility to provide small, self-sufficient growers with another source of income.

First of all, the eatery is expected to be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. In the morning she is planning to offer coffees, pancakes and other kinds of Sandwich, as well as Burmese food during lunches and dinners. Burmese food will at first be restricted to a few things - paper clips such as wels cowder, tealeaf lettuce and a herb ride of curcuma, cashew, raisins and salted chickens (the Burmese equivalents of a buriyani or goumbo, as described by Lue) - and will slowly grow over the years.

The grocery store Café offers room for about thirty guests and another fifteen in a large outbuilding. Lim, who oversees the construction of the room, said the café's key characteristic will be seventies and eighties vinyl artwork attached to the walls, resulting in a vintage vibes that pay tribute to California's vast flow of South East Asians during this age.

The provisional opening date for the food café is 15 April, with a gentle opening already possible at the end of March.

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