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The Grocery & Gourmet Food Store offers a large selection of online shopping. All food donors are obliged to read the "Lebensmittel" before reading it: "...too Burmese," was perhaps the most delicious thing I was served.

The Grocery Cafe is finally open at Jack London Square Restaurant. and were found in Burmese grocery stores in Sydney and Victoria.

Burmese resurrection: Grocer Cafe gets a second life in Jack London Square

New Grocery Cafe's website of the day. Humble immigrant-run outlets like Grocery Cafe often don't give them a second shot, even though their lettuce is the best and hottest in the city. It was a pleasant astonishment when head cook William Lue approached the Express this weekend with the message that he had already found a new place for his cuisine.

The reopening of the Jack London Square restaurants at the former Hahn's Hibachi Commercial (63 Jack London Sq., Oakland) has been unoccupied for a year and a half. When all goes well, Lue is hoping that the risen Grocery Cafe - he is still considering whether or not to keep the name - will open in early springs.

Luue closed the initial food café just a few week after the Express said the Alameda County public health authority had closed the café and that the chances of re-opening were diminished by the probability that the facility would need to be modernised to meet fire safety regulations.

Coincidentally, one of the managers of the CIM developer group, which has many of the Jack London Square properties, had been a frequent client at Grocery Cafe and had achieved Lue with a transaction he could not refuse: he said he had signed a nine-month "pop-up" tenancy agreement for Hahn, which included a two-month free rental and an opt-in to renew the tenancy agreement for five years at the end of the re-ran.

Inside the gourmet diner. The 2,500 square meter room should be an update from the old grocery store Cafe in almost every respect, Lue said. While Lue had played with the concept of setting up a barbeque at its old site, the tap chef will be equipped with already established wood coal barbecues so that the place can regularly serve Burmese barbecues.

In Lue's view, the bigger cuisine also means that he is able to periodically serve some of the more uncommon - and, to the west gums, stingier - Items which he had begun to experiment with before he had to shut down: brisk dural, gator pot with marinated mangocutney, and a kind of string fruit which he puts in and dipped in various herbs.

There is little uncertainty that the new grocery store Cafe will be the only place on Jack London Square, and maybe all of Oakland will serve it.

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