Burmese Greeting

Greeting from Burma

View some basic greetings in Burmese, how to thank and much more. In Myanmar time does not play a role in greetings. I was curious to know what the greeting for Burmese was. NASA Burmese welcome from your desktop or mobile device. Replies for Burmese greeting crossword puzzles.

What to say hello in Burmese

To know how to say hello in Burmese will be very useful when you are meeting all over Myanmar again and again kindly. To learn a few basic phrases in the native tongue always increases the feeling of going to a new place. This also shows that you are interested in your life and your own cultural life.

Check out some of these easy Burmese words and see how many smile you get for them! The greeting is widespread, although there are some more informal changes. The Burmese, unlike in Thailand and some other counties, do not renounce the prayerful palm gestures in front of you as part of a greeting.

In Myanmar, there is even less male and female exposure than in other South East Asia states. And if you've already learnt how to say hello, knowing how to say "thank you" in Burmese is another great thing. They will often use this term because Burma's hospitableness in South East Asia is virtually unsurpassed.

Burmese is the most courteous way to say thank you: "chay-tzoo-tin-bah-teh. Though it appears like a mouth full, the printout will roll off your lips in a few short time. Burmese is a native of the Indian and therefore sounds very different from Thai or Laos.

Burmese, like many other Asian tongues, is a tongues which means that each of the words can have at least four different connotations, according to the one used. As a rule, people do not have to learn the right notes to say hello in Burmese because greetings are interpreted in the right time.

Indeed, to hear aliens slaughtering the sounds when they try to say hello usually produces a dimple. The Burmese typeface is probably written in India in the first hundred BC, one of the oldest typefaces in Central Asia. Burmese alphabet's 34 round, round characters are nice, but hard for the uninformed to recognize!

In Burmese, unlike English, there are no blanks between the words. Watch how you can say hello in Asia to get greetings for many other nations.

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