Burmese Gold Necklace

Myanmar Gold Necklace

Beautiful worked antique necklace made of 14k gold and decorated with Burmese jewels, saphores. Beautiful worked antique necklace made of 14k gold and decorated with Burmese jewels, saphores. There are some synthetically made gems, but most of the pieces are made of naturally made gems. It is 15.5" long and weighs 62.

7 grams. Gold Buccellati Pearl Sapphire Emerald Ruby Nec..... This is an 18c gold necklace with 9mm - 9.5mm beads and a lobster claw necklace with ruby, sapphire and emerald.

Necklace is 17" long, includes fastener. The closure is 19mm by 19mm. 14k mid-century pendant with bead, ruby and ruby. The charme is 34mm by 27mm. Necklace made of 14k gold with 3,5mm nature beads and two 4mm opal beads 10mmx8mm.

Necklace is 16,75" long. It is 88mm..... 188k gold wrapping strap, adorned with ruby and ca. 0,30ctw in diamonds. Ancient Burmese Ruby Indian... A very important Burmese ruby and diamonds necklace with a removable necklace (wearable as a brooch).

Necklace in 18 ct gold, similar to Bulgari's icons, with three bell-shaped droplets in a playfully stylish and refined design. Pink, yellows and blues are the..... 1990' s ruby, saphire, and chrysopra..... A stunning 4.5 carats ruby, 4.18 carats saphire, 9.02 carats chrysopras and 14 carats gold necklace; part of our varied jewellery collection.....

Golden Silver Diamond Saphir Ruby Emerald Coral..... Combining classical elegance in edwardan styling with the extraordinary qualities of Burmese ruby and antiqued diamond. Each ruby weighs 2,00 cu..... Diamond Ruby Emerald and Saphir 18 ct Gold..... Intriguing necklace and diamond pierced necklaces with small ruby, emerald and blueston and a different tip pattern.....

Manufactured in St. Petersburg between 1904 and 1908 A 14K medallion of matt gold is adorned with a stylised Art Nouveau-flavored floral adorned with old rose-cut diamond..... Multi strand facetted Burmese ruby and Pave` slide..... Beautiful 5 strand facetted Burmese ruby necklace with diamond on the oxidised pendant and pompon.

A great time for the jewels that gauge.....

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