Burmese Ghost Stories

Mystery Stories of Burma

Construction of the airport also led to ghost stories, says Dr. Ferguson. It was the most famous stomping ground of Lentaigne's old brigade: the "Ghost Force". Book Crossette Reviews From the Land of Green Spirits: Rangoon has become a ghost town during the day with the gradual arrival of the hot season in Lower Burma. Apropos ghosts, this is my own (true) Burmese ghost story.

The Rohingya Muslims: Myanmar nightmares

In Myanmar's state of Rakhine, ten thousand refugees have escaped war. It is the latest shipment of Rohingya Muslims escaping from Myanmar's Rakhine State. Bangladeshi locals were gathering on the sandshaft. Your Maungdaw county town in Myanmar was assaulted more than 10 nights ago. There is a young man limping over the shore and the two cling together in sobs.

Zakir Mamun, her man, a fragile man with a delicate moustache, stands behind her. "It' a massacre," Zakir Mamun says, looking at us. It is located in Buthidaung, just over 50 km from the Bangladesh-Band. "Zakir says they came for us. "They were ordered into the house over PA by the army.

And then the army and the Mafia dropped nukes on our houses and set them on fire. "Zakir says, "People fell everywhere when they were struck. Next thing I know, they've seen their little town in shambles. "Zakir says, "Our paddy ran out on the 8th star. Rakhine's accessibility is very limited.

Myanmar's army is denying misconduct and says it is only targeted at Rohingya fighters who have assaulted policemen. "I' m glad to be in Bangladesh," says Zakir.

heap of allegedly cursed places

These are a lists of supposedly cursed places around the globe to be visited by spirits or other psychic beings, as well as daemons..... Cursed place accounts are part of the ghost, which is a type of folk music. A number of places in Canada are allegedly visited, among them Citadel Hill (Fort George) in Halifax.

A number of places in China are reportedly under attack, among them Chaonei No. 81, an deserted villa in Beijing's Chaoyangmen district, and the Wukang mansion, formerly known as Normandy Apartment, in Shanghai (named after the First World War battle ship Normandy). The Château de Brissac, the Château de Trécesson in Brittany, the Catacombs and the cemetery of Père Lachaise in Paris, the Mont Saint-Michel and the Château de Châteaubriant in the west of France are said to have been visited in several places in France.

It' one of the rooms where ghost sittings have been called in. -Charleville Castle: Harriet, the third of the Count of Charleville's daughters, haunts this palace. After she fell from the stairs of this edifice in April 1861 at the tender of eight years of Age she lost her neck. It was shown at Scariest Places on Earth, Most Hunted and Ghost Hunters International.

This is Kinnitty Castle: The Gothic fortress lies on a site that once accommodated druids and bards. With a long and tumultuous past, it is reported to be home to many spirits, of which the Phantom Monk of Kinnitty is the most beloved. It was on Most Haunted. The Leap Castle:

A lot of men have been locked up and put to death in this palace, and it is said to be visited by several souls. It was shown on Scariest Places on Earth and Most Haute. Montebello Fortress in Montebello di Torriana (in the Rimini province) is known for the mediaeval myth that an albino (in the Middle Ages the albinos were considered to be the emblems of Satan) with the nickname "Azzurrina" (Italian female motif for "azzurro"),

"the color of her eyes"), about 1370 and disappeared on June 21, 1375 (the dawn ), while her fathers, signore ("Lord") of Montebello, fought in war. Azzurrina' s spirit is said to appear every five years from that date, the Solar Turn.

Legends have brought glory and a lot of tourist attractions to the Montebello di Torriana, especially on June 21. It is not recommended to go to the garden at nights, because the place (of the inhabitants) is called cursed. A number of places in Mexico are reportedly being attacked, among them the Inquisition Palace and Plaza de las Tres Culturas in the Mexican capital, Hospicio Cabañas in Guadalajara, Mapimí Silent Zone in Durango state, Chautla Hacienda in Puebla and the old mediaeval capital Chichen Itza on the Yucatán peninsula.

The Hoensbroek Palace is a palace in the Limburg County. There is said to be a ghost in this fortress, known as the Dark Woman. Allegedly the kids were interred inside the fortress while she was not briefed. Waardenburg Castle[4], or Waardenburg is a fortress in the Gelderland area.

It is one of the most visited places in the Netherlands. It is said that the magician who used to live in the palace made a treaty with the evil one in the Middle Ages, that he could do and get what he wanted for seven years, and then he was captured by the heck.

To date there are 2 blood stains that cannot be removed from one of the ramparts, which are evidence of this rumor. It'?s not odd, with all this story, how folks say it?s spooky. A number of places on the Philippines islands are reportedly under attack, among them the historical Fort Santiago in Manila, the deserted Diplomat Hotel in the north of Baguio and the Silliman University in Dumaguete on the Visayan Islands.

A number of places in Romania are allegedly visited, among them the historical Bánffy Castle in Bon?ida and the Hoia Forest. A number of places in South Africa are reportedly being visited, among them the Erasmus Castle in Pretoria and the Old Presidency in Bloemfontein. It is said that many places in Thailand are being visited, such as the Government House of Thailand, Phitsanulok Mansion, Lumphini Park, Sathorn Unique Tower (Bangkok), Ayutthaya Historical Park and Mahidol University in the center, or Lipe in the south, etc.

The Tower of London (left) and Glamis Castle (right). It is said that many places in Britain are visited, among them the Tower of London, 50 Berkeley Square (London), Belgrave Hall, Arundel Castle and Bruce Castle in England and Ardrossan Castle, Fyvie Castle, Glamis Castle and Stirling Castle in Scotland. There are allegedly, darunter Dudleytown in Connecticut, das Cherry Hill Estate und das 112 Ocean Avenue House (alias Amityville Horror House) à New York, Cliveden Manor, die First Bank of the United States, Fort Mifflin, Library Hall, Pennsylvania Hospital und Powel House in Pennsylvania, das Octagon House (1801) und das White House im District of Columbia und El Adobe de Capistrano in Kalifor.

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