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The Burmese peridot is as trendy as the Burmese spinel. Myanmar gems: Again legal Roadshow Antiquities Having rated a $80,000 to $100,000 diamonds and ruby chain in Boise, Idaho, jewellery specialist Peter Shemonsky provides some backgrounds and instructions on US import rules for Burmese ruby and hunting articles. On October 7, 2016, the Obama administration repealed Burma's 13742 decree on restricting the import of Burmese kiwi and ita.

It has lifted the prohibition on imports into the United States of jadeite and ruby of Burmese descent and jewellery containing them. Myanmar has been under various US trade penalties since early 1997 in reaction to the repression of the army that has more or less ruled the state since the early sixties.

During 2003, President George W. Bush imposed the 13310 Executive Order, which strengthened elements of the penalties and banned the imports of Burmese gems from Burma. This decree was amended and passed by Congress in 2008 as Tom Lanto's Block Burmese JADE (Junta's Anti-Democratic Efforts) Act of 2008 Public Law 110-286.

Irrespective of where the materials are used, the law forbids the imports into the United States of ruby and jadeite that have been quarried or obtained from Burma. President Obama in August 2013 ratified Regulation 13619, which extended the Burmese ruby and Java embargo for another year.

Here is a theoretical case of the ruby chain I evaluated in Boise: If I had purchased the chain from the customer and resold it here in the United States, there would have been no problems, because it was here before the 2008 boycot. But if I were to take it out of the US to resell it, but then try to get it back in, I might have a serious issue, because US customs officers might hold me up on the grounds that I am trying to buy a Burmese ruby.

Thus in this script the surest thing would be to completely escape the venture by not taking the ruby collar out of the US until the agreement with the Overseas Buyer is concluded.

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