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Films with Myint Myat. ""It's a mindless comedy that's not even funny. The Burmese military killed seven of my children, says Rohingya refugee. Aung San Suu Kyi's Lady film with Michelle Yeoh. funny film Burmese Myanmar video.

And he thought, he said, of the bad guy in that movie, President Snow.

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A lot of common Myanmar and pro-democracy campaigners probably had trouble repressing a grin when they saw a brief note about Burma from Hollywood actor Jim Carrey. One time Jim Carrey wasn't even fun. Carrey published a proclamation on YouTube last weekend demanding the freeing of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi.

to show on a chart to Burma. In the name of the US Campaign for Burma and the UNHCCC, Carrey urged the Burmese army regime to rescind Suu Kyi's home detention, which the actors call a "hero. "She is a defender of Asian respect for mankind and dignity and a sign of expectation for all fighting people," Carrey said in his 81-second long embassy coinciding with the junta's harsh stance against road protest in Rangoon and other counties.

The latest Hollywood star to join the Burma appeal, Carrey will not be the last. Last June, Eric Szmanda, acting artist who played Greg Sanders in the CBS network's award-winning CSI show, came to the Karen camps on the Thai-frontier. Walter Koenig, one of the actors of the TV show "Star Trek", was shocked by the visit of the Karen camps at the Thai-Burmese frontier in July.

"And I was stunned at how little I knew," said Koenig, 70. As many US nationals did, Koenig acknowledged that he knew little about the Karen distress until he was contacted by the US campaign for Burma. It is one thing to have a free and democratic stance and another to react to it," Koenig said to the newsmen.

Carrey, Szmanda and Koenig are not Burma professionals, but they were all addressed by the Washington-based US campaign for Burma to draw attention to Burma. Ahead of them, Hollywood celebrity Angelina Jolie also attended a camp for refugees as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees' Ambassadress. At the end of last year she went to India where she saw Burma's migrants.

The Academy Award-winning actor went to two Karenni retreats in Mae Hong Son province in October 2004. Following her well-publicised adoptions of a young Burmese girl, she is said to have shown interest in accepting a young migrant. It was a fictional tale - no foreigners were imprisoned in Burma during the 1988 riot.

Recent Hollywood bulletin is that Mr. Rambos is arriving in Burma on a bailout missions. This third episode of the initial rambob episode takes Hollywood celebrity Sylvester Stallone to the jungles of Burma to save a group of kidnapped minions. This year he spends several month shooting the picture in the north of Thailand and worked with local people.

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