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Sicario's Sequel Blends War Movie and Western. 22 November 2016 Evaluation:

Retrospect: In' Ta'ang', Burmese refugees, and in Limbo.

Wang Bing is a fierce chronologist of China's oppressed: his "Tie Xi Qu: In February 2015 in Myanmar, fighting broke out, leaving the Ta'ang and other ethnical minorities in the north-eastern Kokang area of the state and crossing the borders into China. Mr Wang is spending quality residency on the China side and observes everyday lives in shelters and other places along the mountain frontier.

Fugitives are cutting granulated corn to buy it and scrounging around moochers. With his typical tedious, slowness Mr. Wang doesn't make it light. I' m not alone, at least," says a lady at the end of the film. At Ta'ang, with captions in German.

Runtime: 2h28mins.

The Golden Kingdom (2016)

The Golden Kingdom is a story about four orphaned young novices who live in a buddhistic convent in a secluded part of northeastern Burma. On a long voyage from which he may never come back, the main friar leaves the young ones alone in the midst of the forrest. As soon as the young are on their own, weird, magic events begin to elapse.

An orphan Witazara recognizes that he must guard the three other young men during this episode of strange incidents that are threatening to untangle the web of young monks' world. To see what others are saying about Golden Kingdom, click on the links below!

Viewing the now contentious film'Twilight over Burma

Staged by an Australian and shown on TV in Europe, the movie, which looks like a kind of TV movie kitschy, was withdrawn from the Human Rights Human Dignity Movie Festival last weekend. "We were concerned and feared that this could cause useless issues (film) while we were working on reconciling nations," said Thida Tin, vice-chairwoman of the 15-member AFP Ministry of Information Ministry Board on Video Auditing.

But, thanks to the web, you can see the movie here. Tin said the chief executive of the Suu Kyi government is worried about ruffian springs as Suu Kyi's government is preparing for a large peacemaking dialog with racial groups who have waged long civilian conflicts with the country's armed forces, accusing them of unrestrained violations of the law.

For many Myanmar's burgeoning movie crowd, this will be a frustration in the hope that Suu Kyi's leaders would herald a new period of creative liberty.

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