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There is clearly a gap in the market for Burmese restaurants in the UK! Only Burmese food place in the UK. - √Člahpet, London Traveller Ratings

A Burmese native, I have a good grasp and memory of Burmese cuisine. Situated in an interesting and attractive setting in London Fields, Hackney. In search of lunches today from the Broadway store found a place to eat at the pub. I didn't know what to look forward to from the flavors, as I had never tasted Burmese food before.

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Mum's House - Eastern supermarket - Burmese products and takeaway food - Turnpike Lane, London - Restaurants - Germany

Searching for Burmese food in London took me to the Mum's House website. It is a small store in a small shopping centre next to the Turnpike Lane subway stop. He showed me the shelves full of Burmese import goods and the refrigeration department with different flavours and tokens of marinated tealeaf.

They still prepare Burmese food to order, and they ship. For more information on the website: http://www.mumhouse.com/index.asp Looks like they can make a fairly large selection of food and also offer specials. Anybody else have expertise here, either going to the store or enjoying the food you' ve made?

We produce and offer high qualitiy, genuine Burmese food.

We produce and offer high qualitiy, genuine Burmese food. We' re delighted to be launching our flagships Original Prawn Balachaung and Crispy Prawn Balachaung. Balachaung is available in middle and high temperature finish. Now that Burma is open to the outside world we are visiting and sourcing directly from Burma (Myanmar) and are delighted to be bringing some of Burma's most delicious foods to the British canteen.

We handmade all our originals to make sure that the same tastes and tastes are always attained. Subscribe to our e-newsletter to be informed about new product and recipe news. When you think these are as great as we are, please tell your friend and your loved ones.

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