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Myanmar Food San Diego

Burmese cuisine restaurants in San Diego. It's been a while since I had Burmese food. north of San Diego. Burmese superstar, San Francisco, CA, website. San Diego, CA, Juniper & Ivy, Web site.

Myanmar Food in San Diego - Restaurants - San Diego

Any in San Diego? I' ve good recollections of this place at Oakland College and then some places in Noe Valley in San Francisco. Fourteen years in San Diego and I haven't seen a Burmese diner. A few years ago I was in Burma for a whole weekend and although I never thought that the food was as good as its Thai neighbours, I had some great and delicious cuisine there.

Register to explore your next favourite food place, recipes or cookery book in the biggest gathering of experienced food-lovers. Grandda Alyssa is helping with Burmese shrimp brandy and coccoons. Damp, tasty Choco Mayonnaise cakes delight a crowd of all age groups and are the ideal desserts for a neighbour, a potato drink or a sommer festival.

Burmese food and restaurants

Missus doesn't do much shopping, it's not her "thing," I suppose. She was interested to see what the lovulemon store had to sell. She wore a cape in a restricted editions, which made all the saleswomen say "that's so beautiful, isn't it?" oh--......... and she picked the place that was in Daly City.

So, we went to Daly City and stopped here and there. As the Missus saw the 99 Ranch Market, we stopped because we ran a little too early. We stretched our feet a little and set off for our final goal, the Burma Cafe. The Burma Cafe is situated in a shopping area.

This shopping center seemed a bit run down, and most stores were like this, right next to the Burma Cafe. The Burma Cafe was without question the best in town. It was on the inside on the black side, but it did create a pretty beautiful intimacy. Then the really cute young woman sat us down, we came to find out that she is the owner's girl.

We of course needed the lahpet thoke, the fermented tea leaf salad, often referred to as Burma's national cuisine. In this case, the crunchiness of the green has really made this meal a fresh one.

It also gave the meal a little sourness. Some time ago I was reading that cabocha is very common in Burmese cuisine. Thought the Missus would really like the cabocha pig stew. She was a big admirer of cabocha and liked this meal.... even if it contained beef.

It was completely delicate, smooth, but not muddy. The spice combinations used in this meal were elaborate, slightly aromatic but not overpowering. Not such a big Kabochan admirer, I felt it was a little too strong and too little cooked....but hey, the Missus dear.

She was very kind and even talked to us about how the food was cooked and what they used. Wish we had a house like this in San Diego.

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