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Burmese cuisine restaurants in Mumbai. Burmese Best Food in Mumbai: See TripAdvisor travel reports from Burmese restaurants in Mumbai. Mumbai's best restaurants: Book a table at the best Burmese restaurants in Mumbai and get amazing restaurant deals, food and drink deals. Borivali West, Mumbai. Reserve a table, order online at Burmese restaurants in Borivali West, Mumbai.

Burmese food - Burma Burma Restaurant & Tea Room, Mumbai, India

It' a coincidence that we ended up in this place on a side street in Fort. Even more astonished or appalled to realize that she only serves veg food. Burma Burma, Fort, At Burma Burma, we are constantly striving to offer our customers an exquisite eating event, taking any kind of response seriously and committing ourselves to offering you the highest quality food and services just because you earn the best.

We look forward to your next stay and assure you always exzellenten services and tasty food.

Burmese food - Review Burma Burma Restaurant & Tea Room, Mumbai, India

Myanmar Burma is one of those places that have chosen to launch one of the rarest cuisines in Mumbai - Burmese and to complement it, they have chosen to go Pure-Vegetarian, which is like a scarce GEM. You will also be serving Jain food and it is a heaven for Jain food-ethers.

According to our research, this is the only Burmese veggie place in Mumbai City; it is situated in the small alleys of Fort in Kothari House, Allana Centre Lane, MG Road, behind Mumbai University. There is a high seat for small children and infants. One of the best Burmese cuisine venues, this is also one of those that has kept its menu secret and away from Zomato to this day, so it is restricted only to its guests, but it will definitely not let you down once you are inside.

Your meal is comprehensive and interspersed with photographs of Burmese civilization. The next orders were Brown Onion & Chilly Brown Bun, which were stewed rolls with toasted chillies and bulbs, and Jain Tangy Spring Vegetable Bun, which were both appetising - like stewed mini-dabelis. Serve in a serving tureen, it looks more like pasta broth, but its thick and soft stuffing and its One of the best Khow Sueys ever ate.

All in all, the food was a mouthful - each meal has its own taste, which was quite tasty. This food is one-of-a-kind, imaginative and nicely presented. The quantity and serving for each meal was ample and the food was of an absolute abundance of nutrition.

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