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The Burmese cuisine is not authentic without Balangchuang. MENUE - CATERING - JOBS - CONTACT. Take a look at our extended menu today. The Burmese cuisine, like most national cuisines, is the sum of many regional parts. They share the menu between Burmese and Chinese dishes.

Myanmar food Roundup: Favourite 7 meals

The first pictures to be registered are the pictures of gold buddhistic shrines, the stupa-dotted levels of Bagan, the folk fishers at Inle Lake or the teak bridge in Mandalay. What about a Burmese dinner menu? Before our trip to Burma we hadn't really had much to say about the food.

However, as we traveled through Burma, we realised that Burmese food was indeed a formidable blend of all three. If your meal is offered with the typical Burmese friendliness and friendliness, it is all the better. Being able to do so, we looked all over Burma for food stores and pointed to various food, asked her name and then tried her.

Eating at roadside booths or in more informal dining places, we found the food diverse, approachable and delicious. An advice on food hygiene: Even though we have eaten in the train, in the streets and at the market, we never got ill during the course of the months we were in Burma. But we almost always have eaten vegetable food.

As a rule, we find that the consumption of meats, especially at market and road stands in warm climatic zones, involves a hazard that we would rather not take. Though Burmese hosts often serve egg and bread crumbs for breakfasts to please the West, some of them make a cup of morning tea instead, if you ask nice questions.

For more information on Burmese soup, see Legal Nomads' It's Always Soup-o-Clock in Burma. It is a well known Burmese lettuce made from marinated tealeaves. It is also topped with a range of crispy and tasty fillings, among them roasted pea, peanut and garagea, roasted lemon, tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, chilli greens, squashed prawns and marinated sourgins.

You will often find this meal at food fairs and open-air market stands. We always chose to eat vegetable thalia in Burma and found ourselves with colorful, tasty clusters of mongoose peas, verdant broadbean and various Burmese vegetable sauces. Myanmar thali are usually not too pungent, but there is usually a basin of warm gravy on your desk when you need more warm.

Thali' are serviced all over Burma, from official diners to road-side coaches. Even though they are of India origins, they can be found all over Burma - on the streets, at coaches, in train stations and in hotels. Burmese is one of our favorite dishes; in soup like the samousa thick, where the samosah is cut into slices and sprinkled over a slight stock and covered with crisp spices, onion and vegetables.

When barbecuing is your thing, drive to Rangoon Chinatown (between Mahabandoola and Anawrahta streets), where you will find a road with barbecues and a wide variety of meat and vegetables to toss and fire at. The Burmese, although this pairing certainly has its origins in the sub-continent of India, have taken their own turn.

You can order a pile of newly boiled chicken (lightly roasted flat bread ) and either a vegeterian or a butchery.

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