Burmese Food London

Myanmar Food London

Myanmar restaurant in London, United Kingdom. Only Burmese restaurant in the UK. A city where the desire for almost any cuisine can be satisfied with ease; its inhabitants have access to dishes and tastes from all over the world. Here is your chance to try Burmese food, one of the least known cuisines in Southeast Asia, in my house on the edge of Southeast London.

Here I am in the best places to find Burmese food in London for @eaterlondon!

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You probably never come across Burmese food in London before. Myanmar's nation's cuisine is not taking the whole wide open. It' s not that Burmese food is naturally inappetising. Maybe the Burmese restaurant will be all over the store and Myanmar's kitchen will be the next big thing.

Here you can savour Burmese food in the capital: What: For years Mandalay on Edgware Road has been the only food stop for customers looking for Burmese food in London. The Burmese food specialist MiMi Aye confirms in her reviewer that she serves some genuine Burmese classic dishes. Rangoon Sisters are known for occasionally hosting a pop-up party and are inviting anyone interested in a sample of Burmese cooking to contact us via e-mail or Twitter.

What: With Kyi is dinner caterer, dinner lounge and pop-up cuisine all in one - led by the Burmese Brit Thuzar Kyi in remembrance of her nut. The Kyi team works with a number of London locations on a routine basis to take their "mother-inspired" menus to a wide range of occasions, giving Burmese classic music a contemporary UK feel.

What: Name after Burma's nationwide delicacies, the marinated tealeaves, Lahpet is a Burmese open air stand founded by Dan Anton of Burma and the Burmese head caterer Zaw Mahesh. They' re keeping their tickets pretty tight at the masthead right now - all I can tell you is that the stand will open sometime next year - but we've been told that they will serve seasonsal meals with plain, tasty Burmese dishes.

You also place orders on-line, so you don't have to be located in North London to use it.

The Burmese kitchen will be London's most popular dietary trends

Burma was a Burmese army regime at the time (as it was still called), there were few foreigners and it was seldom to find a Burmese food on a meal list, as most Burmese ate at home or on the roads. Up to now it has been a diverse audience, those who are inquisitive, interested in trying something new or have been reading about the Myanmar politics.

The Burmese food may already be on your radar. It'?s a good idea. The Thai Som Saa in Whitechapel has gang slope lie on the menue, "a Burmese darkly curried pig's stomach with marinated cloves of marinated sage and green ginger". The Yee Cho (pronounced "Yay Cho") is just one of several Burmese dinner parties that appear. 32-year-old Dan Anton has been operating Lahpet, a Burmese stand at Maltby Street Market in Bermondsey, since January.

He' s in the process of leading dinner parties and is planning to turn the town into a place of residence. "My father is Burmese, so I knew how tasty and delicately the food is," he says. "It' still a surprise unused kitchen, so I've seen the potential." Each Sunday Anton makes a hilarious deal in Shan pig pasta, which he calls "Burmese Bolognese", and Yangon's roadside tealeaf lettuce, which plays an important role in the town.

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