Burmese Food in Palo Alto

Myanmar food in Palo Alto

Japanese Seafood Buffet, Inc. et Koshi Food Service, Inc. Buy Burmese Food for East Palo Alto, CA online now! Food is good with many menu options. You hungry in Palo Alto?

You' ve never ordered food online before?

Delicious Burmese Food - Review by Rangoon Ruby, Palo Alto, CA

Some food, but the services were inferior. Used to like seafood broth! I' d like to come back, but not at all. Lovin' this new place! The flavour I like in the broth is lemongrass, gingerbread, onions as well as cloves of cloves. Pumpkin tofu stew with bulbs, cloves of apple, burmese spice and spice goes well with Burmese Indian rice.

Dear, Iove Burmese Indian rice. But not everyone knows how to do it well. I mean, we adored every single meal. We' ve ordered everything moderately hot and we liked how hot it is not to stay a little hot so you can't enjoy the food or even eat your flavor-budding.

You have to try........ the Plata is similar to Roti, but you have to take it in a mouthful to get the full effect! Dinner was fantastic. I'd like to go back. This was my first Burmese food experiences, so I was very pleased.

He was a kind and supportive waitress. It' not a child-friendly place, but to be perfectly frank, I can't say I resent the place. Seasoned pungent food is the essential ingredient of most Asiatic dishes, making it hard to choose a mild meal for one of the kids who join us. There is no benchmarks to determine it, as it was my first experiment, but I did love it.

It' a compophony of flavors that worked for me. I had a friend who liked it too, but he didn't because it was too hot for her. I was able to tolerate the slightly delayed food we were given, as the food was far better than I had seen in 90% of them.

I had an exquisite seafood meal, correctly seasoned and boneless (important in Asiatic food if you can't see what you are consuming because it is coated with sauce). They had a cute, aromatic caramel-coat. Spend your free day relaxing and enjoying the food, try the meals you order so that you are not overpowered with new aromatic flavour.

Wonderful customer care. Immediately we got a drink and the food delivery was kind and quick. I have the ferment lettuce of tealeaf and I used to love it. Wonderful atmosphere, pleasant services, great food.

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