Burmese Food in Mumbai

Myanmar food in Mumbai

Burmese cuisine restaurants in Mumbai. Burmese Best Food in Mumbai: See TripAdvisor travel reports from Burmese restaurants in Mumbai. Mumbai's best restaurants: Book a table at the best Burmese restaurants in Mumbai and get amazing restaurant deals, food and drink deals. Borivali West, Mumbai. Reserve a table, order online at Burmese restaurants in Borivali West, Mumbai.

Best Burmese Food - Review of BusaGo, Mumbai, India

The food is good at a sensible cost. Food is not too tasteless, but the variety of add-ons will help you. Astonishing food, quite small nice place. adored her aftersnack as well, usually Siamese food has very less choices however did adore her selections. serving sizes were acceptable. should definitely try her glutinous Rice. genuineness was definitely retained. has to try for all who would like to have Siamese food or just a try at it.

The food was good, we ordered Pad Thai and Red Curry, only they don't served jasmine rices with the ricepa.

Burmese Khow Suey wins 5 best seats in Mumbai

A tasty Burmese pasta with a delicate flavoured chocolate milksauce, Khow Suey is accompanied by a range of different spices and fillings that take this meal to the next stage. The Khow Suey has the right blend of flavors of curry sweets, spices and spices and is perfectly balanced with crunchy, generous and generous spices.

The number of different spelling variants of the word is as many as there are (kaukswe, khousuey and some of the common spelling variants are khau soi). These are the five best places to taste this Burmese delicacy. Busaba in Colaba is located in a beautiful old Art Deco style house with a downstairs lounging area and a dining area on the first level.

Burmese Caukswe here is a nice blend of coir sauce, pasta, crispy roasted onion, crispy caramelized onion and a shot of fresh pressed lemon and is slightly the best in town and there is even an optional veg lover. Others for which the place is renowned are Pajeon Pancake, Bulgogi, Som Tam (raw peppaya salad), lemon grass and the kiwis-desserts.

Bandra Pali Hill is serving very good Asiatic food right next to Suzette. Burmese Kaukswey is very recommendable. Pasta, zigzag coirry, generous chickens and a range of spices make for a mouth-watering cuisine. Myanmar Burma is a friendly, cosy Burmese food shop in a small side street in Fort, specializing in savoury and genuine Burmese cuisine.

Burma Oh No Khow Suey' is strongly advised. It' topped with a wide range of spices - roasted onion, peanut, coriander, limes and scallions, which you can mix to your own liking and enjoy. Khow Suey is delicious, very well boiled and will leave you with a tingle on your gustatory nerves.

Burmese food has much more to offer and we suggest you come to the only Burmese food store in the city. Such a beautiful name that you spelt it twice:) Nestled in a bustling Bandra alley with cosy interior and a very helpful personnel, this place is known for its Thai, Burmese and japanese cuisines.

Khowsuey here is a delicate mixture of tastes that linger on the pallet and the smooth sauce of chickens with ricepas. It is one of the few places offering good Asian (Malay, Thai, Korea, Burma and Indonesian) food. Khow souey, kammer and even thai are pretty good.

Khowsuey has the right flavoured ingredient, from fresh curries with the original flavour of mashed coffee lipette to lemongrass with crumbled groundnuts, crunchy onion, coriander, chopped pepper, sweet pepper, and the spicy flavour of tomato.

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