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Burmese cuisine restaurants in Denver. Zin Zin Zin is a Burmese living in Aurora. View reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Asian restaurants in Denver, CO. Offer food! Asiatic cuisine in the vicinity of Denver Uptown.

Myanmar cuisine comes to Aurora with new company to help refugees

Myanmar egg roll for the Burmese village supper. Every year hundrets of fugitives who flee poverty, harassment and violent come to Denver to begin a new lifestyle. Most of them are Burmese (more than 3,000 since 2007, according to the Worthmore project), among them Zin Zin, a gifted chef who has teamed up with Denverite Marin Toscano to help other displaced people adjust to living in a new state.

TUSCANO established Fooition (a mixture of food and intuition) to help those not familiar with groceries and groceries in the West, and Zin Zin Zin has associated with it to present dinner parties that collect funds to finance the courses. With no Burmese eateries currently available in the Denver area, Zin Zin Zin's Burmese Village Dinner is a scarce way to savor unparalleled food while at the same time doing a good deed - and even help Zin Zin open her own cafe.

Marina Toscano (left) and Zin Zin Zin (right) are using money from their Burmese supper to educate food courses for Denver residents. Zino Zin Zin wears Burmese make-up traditionally named Tanaka. Burma's last village lunch took place on Saturday, July 23, at Mango House in Aurora, a refugee resources centre that provides facilities for educational, doctor's practices, worship groups and other community work.

Forty or so visitors were treated to a five-course meal made by Zin Zin Zin, as well as cookery shows and other Burmese culture events. The Burmese kitchen is different from other South East Asian cuisines because of its closeness to India and its powerful Buddha istism. Myanmar (the Burma Army Destiny, renamed Myanmar in 1989) has tens of different ethnical groups and geographic areas, so the food is just as varied, but shared items are the use of virgin spices, shellfish and rich products, all of which are on Zin Zin Zin's menus.

Delicious spices, chilli powders, lime and roasted cloves of apple - all topings for richly flavoured mohingans. Frühlingsrollen were light and crispy with roasted juicama, coriander, beans, eggs and prawns, with one side of the date chilli dressing - a formula that Zin Zin Zin designed to remove added glucose in favour of natural beans.

Unusual trimmings in other meals were Bananenstiel in a fishsoup named Mahinga, Opus Sqash in a poultry pot, pennyword boiled in a peony peppered summersoup, crushed verdant hango (as against verdant papayas in Thai salads) and Fermentierte Teeblätter in an after-dinner-salat. Zin Zin hopes to open her own food shop and has herself released a prescription guide, also known as Burmese Village, which she is selling for $10 each to finance her destination.

Burmese Village next week will be on September 17th; there are no seats available yet, but here are some photos from the last supper to give you an impression of what to expect. Some of the supper was donated by Geotech, who catered for the evening, and Aurora Health Access.

Penny-word garden chowder with partridge. This Burmese roll of scallions is filled with prawns, jicam, egg, carrots, aromatic plants and beans. Vegetable lettuce and glutinous brown biscuits. Pumpkin opus, verdant ricotta and chili powders. Mushinga pasta broth with peafish, Bananenstiel, hard-boiled eggs and lemon grass.

Country fowl with Opus pumpkin. Interest Zin shows how egg roll is produced. Seasonal drink made of limes and palmsugar to a Burmese countrymeal. Beginning to eat and write in every Federal Boulevard store, he still covers the metro's varied food world and the city's rapidly evolving dining area.

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