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Myanmar Food Burlingame Ave

Receive menu, photos and location information for Mingalaba Restaurant in Burlingame, CA. 1857 pictures & 1921 votes - Burmese - 1213 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame, CA - restaurant ratings - telephone number

Quite sound Burmese / Mandarin kitchen in the heart of Burlingame Avenue. I and my wife and daughter spontaneously chose to try this place after we went to Burlingame to go on an early Saturday evening store-walk. We' ve got the starter of paratha, beans and pork, chicken garlic noodles and basil spicy beef.

However, I confirm that we were at Burlingame Ave and that the small meals were of quite good aroma. I was scaly and I used to love the crème dips and then suffocate them on my ricefres. And I also liked the chicken pasta with a little bit of spaghetti. Slightly roll the flat/curly fried pasta in a garlic-filled sauces!

There was Burmese iced tea here, which was quite good. In all honesty, I think Burma Cafe in Daly City towers above this place (flakier paratha, although the pasta is not as good as this one). However, this was a fixed place for Burmese Sino cuisine if you are in the Burlingame area!

It' the first Burmese food I've tried and it hasn't disappointed me! We' ve ordered Tea Leaf lettuce, Nan Gyi Dok and Rainbow Chicken. We definitely loved Rainbow Chicken, so I strongly suggest it. And I was a pleasant surprise with the tea leaf lettuce. I' m not usually a peanut lover, but the dressing is well seasoned so I' m not overpowered with the groundnuts.

It was a beautiful décor and the sound was classic, but in what I thought was Burmese. I' d have accused it of "one of those poor nights in the kitchen", but the suboptimal client services that went with the unconvincing food made me think otherwise.

Then as we continue to order, the escort informs us (almost ordered) about a $15 min per capita, and tries to compel us to buy Mangolassi. No, our order for the whole house was a little less than $15 per head, so we had to order a lettuce of Mangos. The food was put out relatively quickly, the food was immediately replenished and empty dishes were removed within seconds.

With' strike and miss' degustation (The home made pasta was well boiled, but tasteless, the roasted brown and Burmese baked potatoes were good, the wet broiler was tough and made a lot to be wished for.... You get what I mean. Maybe we ordered all the fake meals, or we came on the fake date.

The flavours of Burmese food we used to love here! Favourites - Rainbow Salad, Sautéed Green Beans and Paratha. We were in the neighborhood, and we had a desire for Burmese food. We had a Sunday night at 7 pm and the city of Burlingame was full. NUTRITION: Tealeaf salad - that was quite tasty, but not quite as good as Burma Superstar's in SF.

There were two curried drops, but my husband and I only liked the green one. I have never tried such a limey dressing, but it went so well with the other flavours and spices in the meal. It is not something I would get again because my husband loved to drink our Lassi and I was happy that he got it because it goes very well with our herbs.

I' d definitely come back for that house special pasta and try the rainbow lettuce instead of tea leaves on. We' ve ordered the Burmese crew magazine (no brains) and I would strongly advise you to order it every single day you come to this place. Eggs and curries were tasty and safranice was really delicious.

After our order is accepted by our servers, another one comes to the desk and says that we need to order more food and earn at least $45, or they will just invoice $45. Marvellous food in a beautiful setting in the centre of Burlingame, fast delivery. So, hey, you have a craving for Burmese, you know which way to go!

We' had the tealeaf. There are more hazelnuts and seed than vegetable, so if your notion of a greens is something a rabbit would like, then it's not. The pasta is also blended at the dinner menu. Paratha is a Burmese roasted pancakes with a potatoe gravy and a Currysauce.

There was no problem with the potatoe gravy, the ricotta gravy was very tasty. This is a large, fatty, crisp (not fried) egg rolls with a crunchy tempera prawn inside, with carrot and other vegetable, fed with large, fatty discs of perfect ripened aguado. A great place to get some very good Burmese food. All the avocados, chickens' broth and lettuce were very good.

This is the right place for you if you enjoy the taste, the seafood and the general delicacies. Begin with the wonderfully smooth paratha, a pancakes sandwich dipped in Currysauce. If you like vietnamesische noodle shells, then get the rainbow salad with 18 tasty and flawless trimmings and a must.

Also we tasted the mango chicken, basil lamb, house special noodles and asparagus seasoning fishs. Big Burmese place in Burlingame! I had Paratha & curry, which was quite cute. Dipsauce had pieces of potatoes, which added a beautiful structure. It was not too spiced, so the effect was easier than anticipated.

It was a spicy stew with chick peas, which was a plus. The spicy basil eggplant with tofu addition had what was great! Low season on Sunday: The worship was quick and the food great. White House Special Noodles[$12. 50, 3. 0 stars] - nice meal, superb soft & delicious brown meats chickens, shallow pasta, and (way too much) custard sauces.

There was just too much gravy, too Alfredoartig, too high. Ten prawns, tonnes of cut reds & greens, onion, in a basil-like gravy. Aubergine in a garage door [$12. 95, 3. 0 stars] -- crisp aubergine, a dark chocolate but with no clove. Yangon Ruby, another Burmese food court 2 door down, will get my returns in the long run.

You can easily reach Mingalaba on foot if you browse Burlingame Avenue, but it's definitely a stopover. Her food is exactly what Burmese food should be, and the food is cheaper than Rangoon Ruby's (which, for fun, is next to Mingalaba). Anyone who has ever tasted Burmese cuisine knows that fermenting lettuce is an essential ingredient.

Chocolate is tasty and an asset because it contains a mixture of vegetable. By far my favourite is the aubergine with the sauce of aubergines - the dressing is a maczing! Waiting times are completely appropriate and it will help that you can wander around Burlingame Avenue while you do so. And Mingalaba is serving more authentic Burmese food in Burlingame.

You had an elaborate meal with starters, salad, soups, beef & lamb, pork, poultry, seafood, vegetables, pasta and fried rice. There is a rose petal next to all of Burma recommendations. The food comes out fast. Don Noh Kaw Soi/Coconut Hen Special ($12.75) - Burmese chickensoup with onion, egg, coriander and lemon (available with noodles).

It was a great selection and the broth was really savoury and spicy without being too overweight! I' asked for a page of pasta and it was added for free. They were also prepared with lemon, coriander and sauces. I was enjoying this broth. House-special noodle ($12.50) - (Available with tofu) Flat noodle with chickens, lemon petals, peas and onions.

Myanmar curried pig meat with potato ($14.95) - Stewed soft pig meat with potato, with marinaded mangos (served hot only). I' m not an authority on Burmese food, but of all the Burmese places I've tried, I've noticed this place aplenty. I' ve been here twice and I' m a little bored with the food both the time.

I tried the vegetable lettuce, ricotta tango and cebat. Tealeaf lettuce was very special and I was enjoying the dressing at the table. I' m happy I tried, but after a few mouthfuls the roasted cloves of garden cloves, nuts, sesame seed and tealeaves were just too overpowering.

It was not too poor, but it tastes exactly like its name: a mixture of the two. I got it with roasted bean, big lumps of ripe fruit and onion. It had a beautiful selection of roasted bean, paprika, onion, and bean.

But I liked the flavor of this meal, but the condiments felt too similar to it. Tealeaf lettuce was tasty. Burmese pasta was really tasty and crisp. Roasted crunchy onion on top was a good note and has a beautiful structure. When we had completed the recipes, we kept the curried gravies for our other meals at the same time!

This was my first Burmese kitchen and it was tasty. We' ve been waiting for our food for a while and it hasn't been too hectic. By the time they took our food, the pasta wasn't warm anymore, I didn't feel bad about being so starving. It was the lettuce that was the bombs.

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