Burmese Family Names

Myanmar surnames

You never would have known we were a family just by looking at the names. Burmese don't usually have last names. Surnames do not exist in the Burmese language, although some people choose to give their children an element of their own name. No family names exist in Burma, a person's name is just their name, although sometimes people take over part of their parents' name. There were no traditional family names.

Name convention (Burmese)

Please observe these customs when you name Burmese themes and articles. Since there is no standardised romanisation system for Burmese, the spelling of the names of persons and places often varies greatly according to the sources. Useful for place names, An introduction to the Toponymy of Burma, edited by the Permanent Committee on Geographical Names for Britisch Legal Use, is not written using but largely using the spelling of the current Burmese government.

Myanmar names are private names, which can be one or more words. The Burmese population has no first or last names in the West (although many use short naturals in the English language). Longer, polysyllable names have become more and more frequent among Burmese (3 for men, 4 for women).

If the name does not contain Sanskrit or Pali credit words, each word should be delimited by a spaces. Burmese loans from Pali satana, "jewel" Sandar is a Burmese loans from Pali chanda, and " moon " Tayza is a Burmese loans from Pali teaja, "glory " Although the Manual of Style for biography generally forbids the use of title and honors in front of a person's name, Burmese names are sometimes an exemption.

Since Burmese names are often very brief, honors are sometimes considered an inherent part of a person's name, for example U Nu or U Thant. When a Burmese person's name is made up of a brief words or their name is most often spelled with the password, you can keep the password in the name.

Names that are recognisable without honors, such as U Than Shwe, should not usually contain the honors. {{Burmese name}} to indicate which part of a name is honorable. The following are some general honors used in Burmese names:

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