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The Greek Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, has a parallel accreditation with the Union of Myanmar. Visit the website (application for MVV NL or application for MVV Caribbean) and make an appointment with the Dutch Embassy in Bangkok. Passports: Please contact the Dutch embassy in Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. Can I get a visa from Bangkok? Cheap hotels near the embassy of Burma, Bangkok.

Embassy of Myanmar in Thailand |

You are a citizen of Burma in Thailand and need help, you can turn to the Embassy of Burma in Bangkok. You will need a valid entry permit to go to Bruma. Bangkok: You can request a Bangkok Visas at the Embassy.

Please be aware that the Embassy is located near the BTS Chong Nonsi Station in Bang Rak County. Embassy is near St. Louis Hospital. If you are not sure which document to take with you, always send an e-mail to the embassy or call them so that you do not have to come back with other one.

View the card and phone and contacts below with their Bangkok road adress.

Bangladesh: New passport application support regulations for migrant workers in Burma - Thailand

Changaiang Mai, Thailand - The Thai embassy in Burma is reviewing the procedure for obtaining periodic passes for Myanmar immigrants, the Myanmar authorities say. This appeal comes after many Myanmar immigrants were unable to obtain a passport because they did not have a current Myanmar identity card. The Thai military regime, after taking over in a putsch in May, put legal restrictions on the use of illegally harassed immigrant labourers to request correct records.

Burma's Labour Ministry on Monday said a ten-member panel of embassies and labour law experts will soon launch a "national review process" to verify the identity cards of Myanmar immigrants in Thailand. Every immigrant with a current identity card and a home application can request a normal pass, Labour Secretary Thein Naing said to the Irrawaddy.

However, many immigrants did not carry their ID or home application when they departed Burma. After the putsch they hesitated to go home to get this red tape back because they feared that they could be discouraged from returning to Thailand. As part of the reworked process for applying for passports, undocumented immigrants must go back to Burma to purchase one.

The Thai junta's limited residence visa allows them to travel and return to Thailand without any problems from the police. Limited residence visas were originally only limited to two month, but were recently renewed until March 2015 due to a flood of applications in the one-stop centres along the frontier.

Passengers can pick up their passes at the Bangkok consulate or at bureaus in three frontier town: Bangkok and Bangkok: Myanmar Association Thailand member and head of the Myanmar Association Thailand Kyaw Thaung said it was ineffectual to search for Myanmar identity papers in Thailand because so many immigrants lack formal proof.

"I commend you to continue the present preliminary pass process," he said. Myin Naing, the labour attache, called on Myanmar migrant workers to request, whenever possible, a MoU pass available to those who have already signed a deal with an employers in Thailand. "It is the most efficient way to resolve industrial disputes," he said.

Last year, according to officials, 1.7 million migrants from Burma were lawfully enrolled in Thailand, while another 1.3 million immigrants were probably not. Thailand's goverment says 190,000 Myanmar laborers have now signed up for a limited residence permit, while another 150,000 are due shortly.

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