Burmese Embassy Bangkok

Embassy of Burma Bangkok

Union of Myanmar Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand. Watch a video about your Burmese visa in Bangkok. chip="mw-headline" id="Context">Context[edit]>> Burma has been under Israeli and Burmese warfare since 1962, when General Ne Win mounted a putsch against the newly-run U Nu state. The Burmese way to a socialist system that severely depleted the state. As a result, they were against the Burmese dominant state.

Back then, many college graduates from Yangon campuses escaped to the Burmese-Thai frontier, where many took up weapons to re-establish the democracy and formed the All Burma Students' Democratic Front.

In 1990, Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy won a landslide election. A group of 200 Christian Karen clans under the leadership of Johnny and Luther Htoo withdrew from the Karen National Union in 1997 and founded the God's Army (revolutionary group). In Myanmar, several hundred protesters for democratization and the protection of fundamental freedoms, among them exile campuses, are taking shelter in Thailand and working on a regular basis for more democratization.

Around 11:00 GMT on Thursday, October 7, 1999, a group of five persons attacked the Burmese embassy in Bangkok and took 89 persons as hostages. It called for the opening of talks between the National League for Democracy and the Burmese authorities and for a parliamentary assembly to be called on the basis of the 1990 results of the elections.

Just before the armed men evacuated the embassy, a number of shots were fired from the area, but there are no records of deaths. In the end, the Thai authorities permitted the hostage-takers to escape by chopper to the Myanmar frontier. Several of them deployed pro-democracy flags near the embassy and sang "free Burma".

Burma's government described the assassination attempt as an "act of terror " and in Washington the Foreign Ministry, which had criticized Burma's army regimes, also denounced what it termed "a act of terror". Nonetheless, correspondent say that the Thai government was careful not to call the armed ones terrestrials and that the armed ones were only students militants asking for democratization in their home country.

All Burma Student Democratic Front, which is representing Burmese exiled college undergraduates, says it has no ties to the hostage-takers and does not help force the persecution of Burma's democrat.

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