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This collection of Myanmar dresses for different occasions. View more ideas about Traditional Dresses, Clothing Design and Clothing Design. Ladies Top Dress ( Size XL), Right. Female top dress (size XL). The Thummy is similar to the dress of Laos or Thailand.

Pictures from the Burmese courtyard in Mandalay

A series of civil servants and their women from the last Burmese farm in Mandalay (1853-1885) are shown on this unique 48-painting work. These include degrees from royal civil servants, high-ranking military commanders, rulers and other important courtyard characters of the period, among them Brahman priest, as well as members of local ethnical groups such as the Shans.

Not only does the book offer a seldom and insightful view of a now disappeared courtyard, it also visualizes and expands the Burmese V&A's current unparalleled collections of Burmese costumes and ornaments from the nineteenth-fifties. A number of images refer directly to the garments and other badges in the series. Robert Hoe gathered the record during his lifetimes (1839-1909) and carries his exlibris.

October 01, 1892 - BURMESE DRESS.

The BURMESE DRESS. Everyday attire. She wears a jersey coat, or "loongyee" (usually only one is worn), is usually made of cowhide, the most common color tile-white, choked. rounds over about a quarter of a metre. so suit is full, but for a piece of cloth, about two metres after another, placed around the neoc, with the ends down fall each side before. own, but there is no secret about feet. with them.

They are made of riceflour, "thanaka", a pulverized piece of firewood or sandy beach sandals that decorate their ear; they walk barefooted with mules.

If a small girdle is wore underneath, the latter rather ruins the dress's effect. its neoclassic colour is golden and pearls, golden, pinkish, blue or blue Chinese silks. horizontal around the torso.

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