Burmese Dishes

Myanmar dishes

The Burmese cuisine includes dishes from different regions of Burma (now officially known as Myanmar). Videos about Burmese dishes and dishes with Burmese taste. Anybody can cook Burmese food. Almost every single blog I read before my trip to Myanmar said that Burmese food was nothing special. Myanmar's most popular dishes.

Burmese food that every tourist in Myanmar must try

Myanmar cuisine is not what most think of when they think of "cuisines", but the mixture of Burmese cuisine from India, China, Thailand and the pristine Burmese influence makes this kind of cooking truly special in the area. On the streets or in a chic five-star restuarant, the main ingredient is seafood stock, pasta, eggs and bananastems.

There' are endless varieties, including roasted coffee-bean, spring onion, fiscuit, poultry and more. It is not only in Shaan State that you will find Shaan pasta, and the food is a favourite of the nation. Glutinous pasta is prepared with a mix of poultry or pig meat, onion, peach, tomatoes and seasoning and refined with pickled or chilled vegetable.

Dare to go to Inle Lake, Pindaya or Taunggyi to buy some of the best and most genuine Shan pasta of your time. Burma is the only nation in the whole wide globe that consume tealeaves on a regular basis. In Myanmar, pig is a popular dish, as is its sourdough. Currys are blended with many different kinds of herb and vegetable and are not like Burmese or Asian one.

Many teashops and diners serve a dish of fresh vegetable and curried fruit, immersed in a seafood sauces. Most Myanmar dishes are easy and cheap. When you are an adventure-packed diner, these are the dishes that will best suit your menu.

Often wheaten pasta (or rice) is blended with shrimps, chopped herbs, roasted groundnut seed oils, seafood sauces and limes, and it makes a very simple, fast dish of deliciousness. You will find these in most stands with pasta under a sieve. Curry chickens, pasta, coconut milksoup.

The Myanmar language versions of Malaysia's lacsa and chiang mai soi are always right on target. A thick spicy ricotta with sometimes onion and other vegetable, but the results are the same: a dish full of enjoyment of chocolate coconuts. Myanmar has some of the fresher and biggest fruit of my life I've ever seen.

Further Myanmar fruit is exotics such as the following: Mangos, bananas, jackfruits, snake fruit, litchis, pomelos, sweet apples and rambutans.

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