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Myanmar to Myanmar, Myanmar to English dictionary. Burmese online Burmese/Myanmar English and English Burmese dictionaries, words and phrases translation.> It is never a good idea to rely excessively on technology when travelling! On-line dictionary under http://www.

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Japanese - Myanmar (Burmese) dictionary. It works off-line, the searching is very quick and the program has online functions. The dictionary repository is loaded the first you run the program. You must log in to gain online functionality. Convivial! Properties of the application:

  • Votabook (online). - To the sandbox, add a new item. The user will be voting for your item. The uploaded item will be added to the masterbase. There are advertisements in this app.

Southeast Asia: Materials for studying the Burmese language: encyclopedias

"Yangon, Myanmar Language Commission, until 1999. 1978-80[5 volumes], Rangoon, Myanmar Language Commission. Myanmar-English, the contemporary paperback dictionary by Saya U Soe Thway. 1993, Yangon, Myanmar Language Commission. Replaces all previous lexicon. Burmese and English dictionary by A Judson. Universal Burmese-English-Pali dictionary, by Hoke Sein.

Dictionary of Burmese and British, by J A Stewart et al. 1941-80[6 vols], Rangoon/London. Thai-Burmese paperback dictionary by U Tint Win Naing. Reporting is cappy because it is meant for Burmese spokespeople who need an Anglophone and does not contain all the words that a foreigner is likely to need.

2001 English-Burmese dictionary, Yangon. This is the Thalun English-English-Myanmar dictionary, edited by Thalun Press. Saya U Soe Thway's contemporary English-Myanmar dictionary. Dictionary English-English/Myanmar, by SAM Translation and Publishing. Comprehensive and generously with samples. Burmese University Englishman dictionary, by Ba Han. This is the biggest EB dictionary. Dictionary, a dictionary in Burmese and German, by A Judson.

Burmese Chinese: Myà Hàn Cí-diån ("Burmese China Dictionary")/ Myanma-Tayou'abei'dan.

Burmese French: Burmese Dictionary by Denise Bernot. Clear and up-to-date, with articulation and charts. Myanmar: Burmese-German dictionary by Annemarie Ash. Burmese to Japanese: Biruma-go Jiten ("Burmese Dictionary") by Harada Masaharu and Ohno Toru. Burmese Japanese: Biruma-go joyo 6.000go ("Burmese Japaneese vocabulary") by Ono Toru. Burmese - Russian: Burmese - Romanian slovar' ("Burmese - Romansh dictionary") by G F Minina and U Kyaw Zaw.

Burmese Thailand: Thailai phaha phama: myanmar ("Myanmar parlance: Thailan - English - Myanmar") by Choochart Tengsuwan. Thailan, English, Burmese. Burmese is given in Scripture, with Pun in Burmese and Burmese is given in Scripture, with Pun in Latin and Thailand. Corean-Burmese: Aung Win Naing's Corean Myanmar dictionary.

This is a short and succinct dictionary for the student. Corean-Burmese: Korean-Myanmar dictionary by Daw Myint Myint Maw. An extensive and extensive dictionary of Korean-Myanmar. Thailand-Burmese: Phama-Thai - Thai-Phama Potchananukrom ("Burmese-Thai - Thai-Burmese dictionary") by Wirat Niyomtam and Oranut Noyomtam.

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