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Reviews all garlic noodles empanadas red salad Burmese food strips mall beautiful ambience San Francisco dipping Pacific dish dish city. Some good Burmese food in a small, inconspicuous shopping mall. Myanmar Cafe, Daly City, CA. A Burmese restaurant with a great ambience. Remember to visit Burma Cafe in Daly City?

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I could try Burma Cafe with my husband and the baby. Bean with tofu Burmese iced melon water melon kiwi lemonade home made of coconut rice Lemonade Houses Noodle ( "Nan Pya Dok") bowl of coconut rice she used. So we had the tealeaf lettuce the servers made for us and the home pasta.

Do you think the pasta is crisp too? plus easily accessable car park right there!) Meals (4/5): Me and my boyfriend got the grape lettuce, roti (with chicken curry) and the house special noodle. It was a huuuugggee ventilator of grape leaf lettuce, it had aroma, crunch/texture and was a hit for me.

I liked the House Special noodles a little low, they were good and the boss even assisted in mixing all the food for us, but all the fat was a little much for me. Both the roti and curry were also really addictive to eating, but really oily/fat. Myanmar Café is another place in the Pacific Super car park in Daly City!

When we arrived, we realized the ambience with weak light and their extraordinary café sound, which played quietly. We' ve ordered their pasta and sheepcurries. Honesty, I don't think their pooch is good and definitely not nearly $20 in value. However, their pasta was tasty and you can enjoy all the tasty seasonings they used!

The Burma Cafe is the place to be if you are looking for good Burmese foods and beverages that are all superb. Shrimp curry and Monpetok desserts are outstanding! Sitting and of course park is more convenient than Burma Superstar in the city. Meal came out quite quickly because we were here for supper a little early on a Thursday evening (shortly before 6 o'clock).

The beverages include a ginger lemonade, which tastes very good alongside other beverages such as Burmese milk tea. A very aromatic blend of prawns and tasty cut vegetables mixed with it. We' ve received a side dish of tasty and crisp (and slightly oily) platha cakes to absorb all that tasty cream.

But maybe you need two orders, or just one order of paddy to absorb the whole sourdough. The garlic pasta thrown with SO MUCH GARLIC, curled eggs and crunchy pieces of bread. The service was kind and the meal arrived quickly, but it took a while until the server was full again.

Burma Cafe's interiors are beautifully and well ornamented. She and the other women who supplied and blended the meal for us were very kind. Plate & dips roti and curried dippingsauce. It is a thin, fluffy, almost pancake-like dough that goes very well with the sauces.

Tealeaf lettuce My taste buds sang as I was eating that one. I' m gonna give this $12 lettuce a 11/10 rating. ¿Nan nudeln ºPya doke Their house spezial. Crispy topping was a good complement to the smooth pasta. Poultry Durry Full taste. Thought nothing could defeat Burma superstar, but wow this place is something else!

I had it first with the Burmese super star and I was so upset that I couldn't have it every single die! There' s a Burma café now, and it makes a mean broth! I' had the tealeaf. Dinner was fine. At first, the meal took forever.

Lammcurry - Not too low. Chocolate paddy - Delicious. Home specialty pasta - Not too good, but I would never get it again. Tealeaf service: Casual, Dinner in Wait: 0 min. (Saturday 18 h for 1) Parking: large car park The Experience: Myanmar cuisine is one of those fashionable groceries that has taken over the bay (and for good reason).

I went to the Burma Cafe twice and I used to love it. It is not as bustling as Burma Superstar, which is a big engine for this place. Enough car parks, as the site has a large common car park. Tea leaf salad is always the basic food in Burmese cuisine.

I also tried the grape lettuce, which is as good as the tealeaf lettuce. Noodles from House Special, I think they were okay to try. Falafalo lettuce, empiradas and chickens buryani, all very well! They were really great and suggested the lettuce for the next one, which will definitely be a next one.

Meal: 5/5 - My vegan firm likes the cuisine. All of her feelings were felt for the first utterly as she enjoyed soup, pasta and lettuce! Mango lettuce is a tasty option for those who like something sweeten. They all have a pronounced flavour (they like curcuma, which is a good, wholesome seasoning for their everyday diet) and there is a great deal to do.

Servings of nutrition are also tense for the cost (about $10-14 per give or take) letting you with waste for a advanced brisk. It is punctual and proffesional (they combine desks for us to store all ordered meals instead of putting all meals in one small table).

Juwel in the small town of Daly City! When you don't want to queue up in Burma Superstar, here's the same lettuce! Though I do recall that Burma Superstar's servings were more. Dinner was good. We' ve ordered the veal casserole, aubergine tofu, home pasta, lettuce and canapés.

This was a good place and the services were kind, but the meal was not very good. So I ordered the spaghetti with chickens and just let me store you from ordering them because they had no aroma of garlic whatever, there was hardly any chick in it, and overall it just wasn't a good meal.

How can one of the better Asiatic Daly City places be located on Saint Francis Square, an open-air shopping centre that hasn't been renovated in years! The Burma Cafe's cosy stands, deep wooden decors and flowery accents create a cosy atmosphere. Wassermelon Kivi lemonade: optically breathtaking, tasty like the taste of beer in a jar -- tealeaf: a tasty entré.

Myanmar Cafe is adding to her salad; I could take it or not. Appetizers of roasted prawns (rolled in pontoon packaging to look like a thin reel of eggs) & roasted chayotes (a one-of-a-kind preparation!) -- both aubergines & prawns and greensbean & prawns are tasty over their coccoons -- Cloves: my least popular article, out there it's better -- bird rice: unbelievably tasty -- hen bat: slight tomato flavour, reminiscent of a philippine taste

The servings are not huge, but plenty enough for every member of your group to get a foretaste of the delicacies of the Burma Cafe! That'?s the first goddamn thing I've been to in a Burmese place. Veg pasta - was ordered - medium flavour Biryani rices - slightly seasoned - almost no flavour Veg broth - medium flavour It is costly and the serving is very small in comparison to the prize.

When you' re in Daly City, go for Bruma Cafe, it's the only one that tasted good and they know how to make it sour! Confide in me!! We ordered a briarioni and curry. The Burma Cafe has a large choice of foods, ideal for all kinds of diet.

Your ricotta was tasty and the red was deliciously crispy. Also the Burmese teas and gingerbread lemonades were delectable! Since we didn't want to find either dinner or car parks in the city, we wanted to see what was on the way home. Finding such good meals and simple car park nearby was great!

Also, the place was neatly packaged, which is a good indication of good cuisine.

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