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Opening hours Burmese Curry House

Articles about Burmese Curry House, Civic. Vegetarian Restaurant, Carlton Indian Restaurant JourneyAdvisor is pleased to announce that Carlton Curry House has been awarded a 2014 Certificate of Excellence. It is our quest to provide you with traditional and fused dishes of India and Burma by using the best and freshest locally grown produce and providing you with a wholesome diet that suits your eating habits. There is a choice between Hot, Robust, Aromatic, Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Jain, Gluten Free, Calorie Control, as we can meet your nutritional needs with our aura.

Curry doesn't have to be in Burmese and Hindi cuisine. Every curry meal is cooked for you and seasoned according to your tastes. It is a truly wholesome characteristic of true Hindi cuisine. At the Carlton Curry House we have a real CHARCOAL in our cuisine, a real tandor, an chimney stove, not powered by electric or natural gases.

Marinaded foods are barbecued there and are tasty! Mushrooms and other veggies are also deliciously barbecued there and it is so health! Naan and Roti are the BREAD from India and are also boiled in Tandoor. Just think, you can enjoy a typical Burmese or Indo-American dinner with your hosts, your relatives and your acquaintances while you enjoy good wines, while the talk turns into laughs and joy....and the dinner is so pleasant and tempting that it's just like at home' Perfect for your meeting, conference, company workshop, birthdays, jubilee celebration or a celebration for families or even your boyfriends - we are able to arrange smaller festivities in our seperate event room and for bigger groups the whole place can be fully book.

You can have a drink reception with your fingers, or we can take the meals and services to your home. Please contact us to find out how we can make your Carlton Curry House adventure an unforgettable one. Throughout the process, we are able to help you determine how much gluten you need. We appreciate the pressure you face when you need to make sure gluten is not used for any of the plates you order.

Understanding this, we are able to deliver, just let us know when you order, we even have gluten-free Naan loaf - try it out, you'll be thrilled. Here at the Carlton Curry House you are well supplied, we can prepare meals without the use of animals. Glutenfree Restaurant / Halal Restaurant serves Carlton, Melbourne, Parkville, Fitzroy, Collingwood.

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