Burmese Curry House

Curry House Burma

Civic, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. There are two types of Burmese curries that can be generalized - the spicy dishes with Northern Indian or Pakistani influence and the milder "sweet" curries. Affordable lunch. Burmese curry place There are many circles of might in the Lord of the rings, but there is only one ring. There are also many inexpensive lunches in Civic, but there is only one Burmese curry place.

Burmo is occupying the Northbourne end of Alinga Street at the hub of the coach with desks that happily spread out over the body of the mimic curry store that ventured to settle down next door. Alinga Street is one of the most famous in Northbourne.

Get a sip and stand at the till. Pick two numbers from the big plank and let them know if you take away ($7) or take in ($8), grasp your iron after making payments (no tickets, no receipts), join the second line to gather your food while it is being ministered up.

IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IS YOU THE PERSONS WHO GO FOR YOUR COSHBOOK, or you will stretch the whole line and the whole hinge will, in line, expressive rolling their eyes in your sense. Once you have finished your meal, you must let your dish fall into the large gray container at the front of the room so that the next guest's desk is neat.


Doing my quaterly business travels to Canberra, I research all the great places I can go with my money, then enumerate them with lunches, dinners, candies, etc., and then set a place per food to explore Canberra's cuisines. After all, I have something to look forward to every time I eat, OK and the one food I go with my sulky chicks, my mollingams.

The BURMESE CURRY PLACE was never found in my research, but found through verbal propaganda at the evening before supper, when I spoiled myself at BRODBURGER, two really cute medical student said to me that I "HAD THERE EAT" - ready - it was on the itinerary. While sitting here on my next trip, I thought I should note down the last place of my last trip, the very chill little BURMESE CURRY PLACE.

BURMESE CURRY PLACE is located in the immediate vicinity of the coach stop in Civic, has a few inside and a few outside desks and the place has been there for a very long while. No, the comparison results from the location's shop and also from the way the militants in the audience will organize you in line to make and receive your order.

When you get a beverage with your food, it's still under $10 and the generous portion of the order, the meals are abundantly available, more than you could have imagined to pay that price for. THREE NINE POINTS ON THE MENU: Now I didn't know what to have, so I asked them what to have, they definitely said #7 - THE PRAWN PICKEN CURRY - this way I get chickens and shrimps and whatever else I wanted.

All I asked for was a dish of CHICKEN PRAWN CURRY two. I' ve been reading about the place since and there are web reports that seriously discuss the ultimative BURMESE CURRY HOUSE combo - by the way it's all in unison - #4 & #7 is the ultimative combo.

That' s what I had, CHICKEN PRAWN CURRY and then the fishnuts with it - actually sound like fun, but I want some EGG CURRY sometime! at one, rally at the other and don't get out of order or get meal screws up I've been told lines with plain college kids, peasants and other with good tastes or good judgment can get in the account so that eats your meal at BURMESE CURRY PLACE and get there at the beginning or end of lunchtime, not pop in the center.

I had to publish another picture of the CHICKEN AND PRAVN CURRY - not only that I only had one meal, but also shrimps and chilies in this - MUST √ČAT - get in there for #4 & #7 instead!

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