Burmese Currency Exchange Rate today

Burma exchange rate today

The exchange rate, such as the price of any asset, is determined by its demand and supply. In principle, this applies to all currencies. The MMK is the currency abbreviation for Myanmar Kyat (MMK), the currency for Myanmar. CAR to MMK Exchange Rate - Live Currency Conversion. Latest Burmese Kyat to British Pound Sterling Exchange Rate: historical currency conversion tables and tables for the week, month and quarter.

Converting USD/USD. The United States Dollar to The United States Dollar

The currency ranking shows that the most favoured exchange rate for the US dollar is the USD/EUR exchange rate. Our currency ranking shows that the most common US dollar exchange rate is the USD/EUR exchange rate.

Currency codes for dollars are US dollars, and the currency sign is $.

Currency Exchange - Myanmar Message Board

Being a newcomer, I realised that the exchange rate shown on finance sites has nothing to do with the real world. With the currency converter, the cost of beers was $100. Do you have a website that keeps track of this informal tariff on a week to week fo? If you exchange the currency, is there an "official" state penalized package for the informal trade in Mandalay and Yangon?

There are useful buttons for exchanging currencies, as well as "things I need to know...." in the top question - tool bar on the right. Thank you, we always stay with the Canada Dollar as they are less volatile. Thank you. I' ve been reading where you can get a trustworthy and inexpensive exchange for KYAT.

I' m not getting a level-headed bargain at the terminal. I' ve tried a few exchange offices here in London and my own bench, but nobody wants to buy this currency from me - does anyone know where or how I can do it?

A year ago I was in Myanmar and traded my perfect crunchy US dollars at the Yangon Central Station. As soon as you get into the store, many men will ask you, "Change cash, exchange money?" It' not a tradable currency - you are fixed with them unless some on here is looking for 30 pounds on.

I' ve got a few cim-dollar, if you want to trade! Nothing at the airfield modified, the cab paid in dollar (they require a flat rate of $10 to get to your accommodation. Later, if you have Kieats, ask 7000 (1$=750 to 850 kyat) or 6000 for a small transaction.

We' re dressed in Thein Phyu. At the beginning of December, the US and Euro and Singapore currencies were displayed. Do not know if they are accepting a currency other than this 4. Bankers and merchants only take brandnew US bucks - no kinks, cracks, lines, wrinkles - nothing. There is a moving range of denominations - a USD 100 bill should bring you 810K per buck at a local banking institution, a USD 50 bill should bring you 790K per buck down to USD 1 bill, which could bring you 750K.

Turn all your kyat at the airfield back to US dollar when you exit Yangon (the exchange will close at 4 pm), otherwise stay with them - nobody else wants it! You can buy Myanmar, Mandalay or Dagon beers ( 5%abv) for 1000K and the Dagon and Mandalay beers (8%abv) for 1200K or less, according to where you buy.

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