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Below is a listing of Burmese cuisine. The Burmese cuisine comprises food from different parts of Burma (now formally known as Myanmar). Myanmar's cuisine variety has also been supported by the multitude of indigenous nationalities. Bamars are the dominating group, but other groups, such as Chin, also have their own kitchen.

The Burmese cuisine is characterised by the use of fishery produce such as sea food stew and sea food ferments (ngapi). Due to the geographical position of Myanmar, Burmese cuisine was affected by China, India and Thailand. Goyin thoke?????? Lettuce with tomato seed and roasted Bean. Chauk swè ??????????? Pasta lettuce with prawns, cut cabbages and carsrots, roasted groundnut seed oil, codfish gravy and limet.

Htamine ????Rice Lettuce Htamine ??Rice Lettuce with thyme paste, potatoes, glas noodles, roasted chickpeas meal, roasted roasted dry bean pie, roasted dry prawns, roasted dry chili, garage sales of garden vegetables, and boiled peanutsauce, lemon or tama bark and cilantro. Nà nyi thoke[1]Thick?????????Thick Pasta lettuce with chickpeas meal, chickens, fish cakes ( "nga hpe"), bulbs, cilantro, scallions, mashed chillies, roasted olive oils, seafood sauces and limes.

SHAUKTHI ????????????? Lemons or coffee lemons (no marrow or rind), fried chickpeas meal, mashed fried peanuts, mashed dry shrimps, mashed dry chillies, fried seafood pastes, boiled oils with onion ( often serviced with KAYA ZUGA). Saamuza ?????? Lettuce with onion, kale, peppermint, potato crème, mazala, powdered peppers, sea salt and limet.

thoke?????? Mix edible salad of marinated tealeaves with sautéed pea, groundnuts and cloves, sautéed lemon, grilled lemon, tomatoes, fresh clove, parsley, shrimp, ginger, parsley seedoils, seafood gravy and lemon. Tayet China thoke????????? Greensalad with mangoes, onion, hot pepper, roast groundnuts, zesame and groundnut11.

Thai Pipaja lettuce made from chopped peppaya, blended with grinded shrimps, onion, and roast cloves of roast cloves; thrown in olive grove, lime juices and a little spicy paprika. Sliced into small rectangles, sliced with groundnut seed and soya oil, ricesauce, roast dry chillies, mashed cloves of clove, crumbled roast groundnuts, crispy onion, and garnish with cilantro.

This is a south coast meal (from the Dawei region) of pasta with a wide range of shellfish, country meat, uncooked green shoots, green coffee barley, green coffee barbeans and bridal egg, similar to Pad-Thai.

Cya yoe ?hinga????hinga?????????? Root in clear chickens or seafood stock. Kyar www. kyan wwww. cyar www. kyan wwww. cyar wwww. cyar www. kyar zan ?????????????? Noodle soup with dried prawns, wood-ear mushrooms, egg, dried flowers, onions. Egapi ?????? Piquant seafood pastes or salty seafood with onion, tomato, clove, chili and cilantro, with za ya ya, on the side, cooked or freshwater.

The Ngapi ? with shrimps, onion, cloves and chili. You ????? Rice  cooked with curcuma and bulbs in groundnut seed fat, and serves with roasted seeds and crunchy roasted onion, a favorite breakfasts like koo hangingin baung and ngacheik pair. Indian??Indian Chapatis, crunchy and bubbly, with boiling pea (pè-byohk), a favourite buffet breakfasts next to nana baba.

For more information, please visit Burmese???Indian-Biryani with chickens or lamb, serviced with pickles of home-made fruits, peppermint and chilli. Subtitled ???Indian. "with a pinch of sugared or Pè Byouk." Htavbat Indian??????? "Butter rice", brown and mostly chickensurry. It can be made in the following style: nano or with pè broth, also with ramekin noodles.

Palata?? Stylish parathy with eggs or rams. ??Indian-styled samossa with lamb and onion, serviced with peppermint, peppers, onions and limet. Sara Indian Kyit Somolina chickens or flesh pastes, chickens or meats is heated or heated and removes all bone and skull. Sai May or Sa WaiIndianRoasted Seviyan Kheer is a delicious cheese baked in cinnamon. It is prepared with coconuts.

Chinyay HinIndianAdaptation of South Indian Sambar, litres vegetables of all kinds acid soup, with drum stick, female fingers, eggplant, French fries, potatoes, onions, onion, dry chillies, cooked eggs, dry salt cod, seafood pastes and Tamarinde. Complimentary pasta with chickens or mince, onion, tomato, onion, tomato, peanut, young vines of mango tout, with tohu pine or tohu pine and marinated monnyinjine (mustard green).

jin???????A Mixed with crispy roasted salads of rices, tomatoes and potatoes or seafood and crispy roasted bulbs in olive wood, tamarindsauce, coriander and green scalli often with cloves, chive root (ju myit), whole roasted chilli, barbecued dry bean pie (pè bouk) and roasted potu (topu ju öauk kyaw) on the side.

Ten types of bean made from chickpeas meal or amber pear, consumed as fritter (tohpu pine) or in a lettuce (tohpu thohk), also consumed warm before it runs out as tohu-byawk ka tan and roasted dry it. Bratislava.net chin?????????Shan Minute fillet of ham in ricef.

Kennyin Kauk ??????baung???baung????????? Glued brown bread rices with flesh on a handmade handbread. thote?????? Flesh and meal in handmade fruitcakes. A gooey biscuit made of pasty brown biscuits, melted sugar, melted coconuts, Halva desserts. The Burmese halava is in bulk, something like crushed potatoes, without being baked in a harder or harder pie, unlike the Sanvinakin.

Phaluda???? for the Hindi desert falseooda, roses running down, cheese, milk, gelly, flaked coconuts, sometimes with pudding and topping. Cakes with raisin, walnut and poppies. Mont-let- ??????????saung???? Spheres, sticky white paddy rices, ground coconuts, and roasted spices with haggery syrups in coir.

KYAUCK ??? Jelly is generally coated in two coir shifts with coir milks. It is boiled in fresh cream yogurt with raisin. Delaing ?????Indian-style Gulab Delaing ??Indian-stylegulab iamun. Mont-Unternational gourmet food made from coir milks, haggery and travel dust. Rakhine bananas braised in cream and coconuts, decorated with melted garnish of coconuts.

The Nga firewood ??????????? Baked pastry made from bananas in coir milks and beetroot. Savory pastry with sticky white bread, roasted grated chilli, peanut, sesame seed, olive and almonds. Mont pyar Batter??????????Batter Honeycomb-shaped pie made of riceflour with or without riceflour and popsicles.

It is a product made from raw materials such as corn, beans, tomatoes, beans and almonds. It is made from a mixture of raw materials such as rice and bean flour. Monts lay ?????? Big sticky crispy ride. It can be cooked in a semi-spherical frying pans and paired with pastry from Montaglio Linar or Monte Octo ? or ???????????????galay? from Reismehlteig. PASHAHU ????Malay?Malay Routed sticky riceflour blended with sugars and shredded coconuts.

The Hindi candy gadut ? in the loaf format. Leg ?????? made from riceflour, handicot, crisps of coconuts, and groundnuts, decorated with poppies. Ltd. from round cakes made of riceflour, Palmzucker, coconut, etc. and fold to a half circle. Àung baa ????? Pancakes with Sirup.

Cooking of large riceflour in calcareous and calcareous waters, cooked at montskewe. The Yay plant at ???? ???? Transparent riceflour leaflets, wrapped around a stuffing of green coffee seeds and cilantro. Nana ka ?, an lndian pie made of safran, powder, sugar und melted milk.

mont???? of indigenous people in the shape of a football. Gyalabi?????, a kind of candy from India. ????Kulfee? Desserts made of dairy. Your ? Yogurt with yoghurt juggery-sirup. At Shwe htamin??????? sweet pasty paddy sticks and shredded aspicco. Sautéed Kao Hlingti ?????????mont?????? Snacks made from gooey brown paddy and purple-blossoms.

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