Burmese Cooking

Myanmar Cuisine

This bread is a form of Burmese Indian Naan, grown directly from a clay pot. Fish-noodle soup from Burma (Mohinga). Burmese cooking classes are a great way for culinary enthusiasts to become familiar with Myanmar cuisine. This year I started cooking Burmese food for the first time. In February we visited Williams full day market tour and cooking course.

Yangon Burmese Cooking Course

Burmese cooking courses are a great way for food lovers to become familiar with Myanmar's cooking. Courses can be arranged at various venues for half-day cooking lessons, and courses or shows are often inclusive when you decide to take an night cruise on the Myanmar canal. The most cooking experience starts with a trip to the almanac.

You will learn about the delicious raw materials from which you prepare Burmese specialities: fruit, veggies, meat, seafood, rices and lots of herbs. At some places you go on to a nearby restaurants and take over the cuisine with your schoolmates. You will be accompanied every stage by a native caterer when you use your own products to make a selection of Myanmar's delicious cuisine.

Discover the four main flavors of Burmese cooking (salty, acidic, sugary, sweet und bitter) and how they are subtly tuned to each other. It is possible to combine this adventure alone, with a flight or as part of an adventure trip. Below are some of our favourite holidays or we can tailor routes for you.....

The Pandaw boat tour was great in every respect and we had an unforgettable time. Terry, our leader, made the journey for us. Magnificent route, organized by our leader and covering all facets of the world! All-inclusive offers shown are covered by the civil aviation authority ATO L.

We have the number of our company under which we operate under the name of: ATOL 9324.

Attendance of a Burmese cooking course in Myanmar

I' m still trying to learn how to prepare meals, and this weeks meal is Burmese special! I' m gonna be frank, I didn't know what Burmese cuisine was until I got to Myanmar. To describe it the simplest way is a mixture of traditional China and India cuisine. Curry, lettuce, rice and pasta belong to the usual national cuisines.

The most important of these are pumpkins, aubergines, groundnuts, gingerbread and cloves of clove. Even though the cooking is similar to that of India, I have valued it more because they do not often use herbs. So we asked the lady who was helping Emmy and me to make our boating trip if she knew about a good cooking course.

At the WIN Massage & Cooking Schule she suggested her mate. Each culinary college provides massage. We began the excursion with a visit to the village fair. All of the food was purchased, among them veggies, noodles and a piece of squid. Approaching the shellfish department, the small temp booths were used to sprinkle the music.

So I concentrated on not puking while we were continuing our little trip and purchased the rest of the food, which fortunately has already been slaughtered, which was a good thing. As soon as we had everything, we went to college and began the preparation. So we began with the big kitchen and found out that we would make fishing sauerkraut ( "fish curry", a favourite regional dish), beans, poultry sauces, potato salads and pasta with coconuts.

Their only disadvantage was that we worked on the tableware together. While attending a Thai cooking course, each of us got our own wook, which made him much more hands-on. Fortunately there were only two of us in the classroom, so we were able to do most of the work ourselves.

Additives are crushed, minced, blended and boiled by han. Soon, the seafood was ready and we had already begun with two more meals. He was astonished to see all five courts at once. She had to have the right temperatures so that the heating could cool down and at the same tasting she needed the plate for cooking.

When we had done cooking, it was our party to celebrate. Quickly we found out that our favourites were by far the chickens' cocktail broth and the seafood. We' plucked every single piece of fillet of fillet caught and swallowed the fillet in which it was made. We had a good poultry pie too, but we had overcooked it a little.

It' the same issue I had in my Thai cooking course. It was 20,000 kyats, that's about $15. Maybe if I take an lndian cooking course, I'll get the knack of making sherbet!

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