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Would you recommend a Burmese cookbook? More than a decade in the making of "The Burma Cookbook" Myanmar's opulent traditions embrace the empire. Tuesday evening we had two very charming gentlemen teaching a class about Burmese cuisine at Les Gourmettes cooking school. Burma Cookbook: Recipes from the land of millions of pagodas: from Rangoon Burma to Yangon Myanmar / Robert Carmack & Morrison Polkinghorne. Myanmar cuisine not found in any of these countries.

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Cookbook? I' m the writer of the Burma cookbook, so let me say, "Please pick mine!" Morrison Polkinghorne and I have been here regularly for almost 2 decadecades, and we have devoted the last 12 years to Burmese/Myanma. The best of all is that we have chosen a historic stance that includes the best of Euro-Asian, India and Burmese cuisine.

There we had privileged entrance to the archive of the Strand Hotels - the land based hotel of Dowag, with its wealth of historic receipe. Burma Cookbook (River Books) is a high-quality hardcover with a fully featured jacket, fully illuminated, almost 400 pages in all and 175 different styles, plus a list of glossaries and raw materials.

Section Prescription Handbook, section Travelogue, this volume is sure to satisfy all your needs - and it is accessible to a global public. They have been penned in Australia, investigated in Myanmar/Burma, tried in America, released in London and reprinted in Bangkok.

Burmese hsa*ba cookbook - hsa*ba: please have dinner

This cookbook provides a unique insight into a land and its cultures through a selection of valuable home cooking cuisine. This is an indispensable award-winning cookbook for those who want to make Burmese dishes with simplicity and authenticity, along with great photographs. When we were in Rangoon one mornin', my comrade Myint Han came back from the store with two big baggies.

It was a fullmoon last nights, so it's crab eating season! Burmese believe that shrimps are best at this hour of the months when they are feeding at low tide. However, this is not the case. Shrimp were cooked and cooked with a spicy dipping of hot soup, lemon bouillon, mashed cloves and chili.

It was a salty-sour blend that complemented the crab's juicy sugary sweat. It' the best shrimp I ever had. I had two breakfast and still only ten in the mornings, I couldn't have more than half a shrimp while my man somehow put almost two away.

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