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Censorship comedy awarded. The genres range from comedy to horror films to mini-musicals. The Burmese Days are also a fascinating insight into life in a country that is rarely seen in the media today. The comedy is my jam (Louis CK, Kevin Hart, Jo Koy, Ali Wong), so you'll most likely find me at every big comedy show in the Bay Area. View the best short films, animations and documentaries from Myanmar.

Myanmar/Burma: Komödie über Zensur ausgezeichnet

A 18-minute feature film,'Ban That Scene!', mocks Burma's feared movie censure agency. First shown at the "Art of Freedom" in Rangoon in January 2012, where it was honored with the first one. The'rt of Freedom' filmfestival was organized by Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the oppositions, and the well-known Zarganar, a comic.

Ban This Scene" won the main award of the Rangoon International Yangon International Song Contest on January 4, 2012, after more than 7,000 votes in a January 1 to 3 survey had topped it. This satire shows a commission of censors of the German state, which fights to determine why a critically acclaimed movie should be made.

"Apart from his very stereotypical attitude to Burmese contemporary cinema, the most conspicuous thing about Htun Zaw Win's Wyne is that it was made at all," Todd Pitman wrote in Irrawaddy on May 2, 2012: However, the documentary also shows how much has remained the same.

He never filed "Ban That Scene!" with the government's movie and video censorship department for permission, Wyne says, because they almost certainly prohibited the whole thing. Wyne, 39, said he was astonished at the favorable feedback he had gotten from some of the top civil servants of the country's post-junta regimes.

The Irrawaddy - 2 May 2012: The Associated Press / Fox News - May 1, 2012: The Myanmar drama "Ban That Scene!" makes a laughing stock of the feared Myanmar movie censors, whose members are appointed as comic custodians of the idealised self-image of a tyranny state. The Mizzima - January 5, 2012:

Censorship index - 1 January 2012:

An antique with ("attempted") rapists

I' m told this film is a drama. I' m also admitting that I'm an elite snake who thinks it' s a banal bodily drama and uses a high picture quality that looks sickening. This is a question of one' s own preferences, but what should not be ignored is the fact that this film has serious PROBLEMS.

In a nutshell, this is a film about an attempt at gangstery. A group of villagers focuses on two men, the dirty leader and a stingy man, and two wives, an out of work chatter and a virgin grocer. and the stingy one loves the onshore.

Because of some nice things, the men inadvertently admit their emotions towards the false wives, and in a surprise turn of events, the wives actually react well. Apparently the approval is not hot, so the two men try to fix the whole thing. Men from the villagers come together to debate how to tackle this issue of women's active participation.

If you can't tempt the girl you want, just go into her room and so on. I' m the mayor of this town, and I' m gonna miss the felony you're committing. They decide that this is to be raped and agree on a slightly less raping scheme.

Both men persuade the girls they actually like to run away at dawn with the idea of changing girls in the darkness. The" punch line" of the film is that the two would-be rapers fail to show contempt for the "hilarious" confusion that took place while trying to abduct, forcefully wed and probably violently violate the two wives who had shown them nothing but the last lesson and forty-five mins of the film's running time.

"Unfortunately," they wed the woman who actually agree to marrying her and are upset for the remainder of her life. And all this without citing the other problematical parts of this film. This includes a side story in which a woman in the village abandons her alcohol spouse for another man, the CFSP! is shed more.

Talking about the dark-skinned village dweller, he is the only one in this film blamed for being sexually inappropriate and affirming racist stereotypes by taking the verbatim attire off his back to lend some cash to the onshore. Invariably, the blindfolded person looks in the opposite way to answer someone who is talking to him from less than a metre away.

Some of the man who is partly numb (I think that's what the film tries to portray) is only numb when he's hilarious. It' fun because his whole world is tough. That film is garbage. However, poor films are made again and again. Most of the romance comedy in the US may also encourage very troubled stories, but this seems to have a completely different dimension.

I was asked by my relatives if I thought it was fun when we left the theatre, and I said no.

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