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"The" makes a bold derision of Burma's feared movie committee, whose members are portrayed as comic custodians of the idealised self-image of a tyrannic state. RANGOON - When Burmese director Htun Zaw Win chose to make a brief comedy about the tragic biased filmmaking processes in his repressed home country, he knew exactly what it was all about.

"The Burmese feared directorate for Burma is ridiculed as comic custodians of the idealised self-image of a tyranny state. Apart from his very satiric attitude to Burmese cinema, the most conspicuous thing about the Htun Zaw Win picture, which bears the name Wyne, is that it was even made.

Wyne's presence, combined with the fact that he has not seen imprisonment, proves that some performers are courageous enough to criticise the creation, while the nation's new reformist regime is beginning to allow a standard of freedom of speech that has been outrageous here for centuries of stifling militarist domination.

However, the movie also shows how much stays the same here. He never filed "Ban That Scene!" with the government's movie and video censorship department for permission, Wyne says, because they almost certainly prohibited the whole thing. This 18-minute feature was first shown in January in the former Yangon, the former capitol, as part of the "Art of Freedom" movie fest, organized by Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the political party, and the well-known Zarganar, a well-known filmmaker.

Wyne has released it on YouTube and has so far released about 10,000 free DVDs. However, the effect of the film was limit. This can' t be shown in Burma and the overwhelming bulk of the 60 million Burmese live in straw-covered cabins without power or access to the web in a country landscape that has been almost unspoiled for centuries, perhaps even thousand years.

Yet the work is notable for what it consistently provides a brilliant contrast - on the one side the disinfected picture of Burma that the nation's once alien-hostile former regimes wanted to present to the rest of the planet; on the other side the run-down realities of how far this place came under their domination. In the midst of the discussion, the film shows the highlights of the screenings theatre, which go out immediately when a gen set comes to live, the chief snores up.

Wyne, 39, said he was astonished at the favorable reaction to the movie he had gotten from some top civil servants of the country's post-junta regimes, most of them soldiers who had retreated to civilty. It was Wyne's refusal to recognise the man or others who praised him, but underlined the sensibility of the work.

It was not possible to reach the censorship authority itself. Zarganar, the comic, described it as" an important work", which shows that the artist really becomes truly free again. At the moment, however, it is not only necessary to make films for the cost of the film. Transparancy International is one of the third most corruption-stricken countries in the world, and Wyne says that even forbidden sequences can still be made if significant amounts of bribe money are made.

One of the film's last sketches shocks the sensors with a scene showing an officer who accepts a crate of dried up banknotes; their dismay becomes a joy when a basket of whisky and blossoms is taken to the projection room - a present from a distressed film-maker.

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