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(You keep thinking about what a wonderful movie The Piano Tuner could do.) . The Saudi rapper Leesa A celebrates the end of the driving ban in viral music video.

Bridge on the River Kwai Movie Trailer and Videos

Classical history of prisoners of war in a World War II POW in Japan who are compelled to construct a viaduct to stop a refugee. 01:55 - Commands from the Allies are sent into the Burmese jungles to blast a strategical overpass, constructed by prisoners of war from Britain.

01:00 - William Holden describing the première of The Bridge on the River Kwai.

All Saints' trailers, John Corbett goes to Mass.

Staged by Steve Gomer, the documentary is inspired by the personal history of Michael Spurlock (played by John Corbett), the seller of the All Saints Episcopal church in Smyrna, Tenn. But he is violating his orders when he receives a harvest of new members - Karen refugees from Burma - and they begin to cultivate the church's fruitful lands to settle accounts, support the needy and unite the fellowship.

Occupation also included Cara Buono, Barry Corbin, Nelson Lee, David Keith and Chonda Pierce, and the true All Saints and farmlands were used as a setting for the film. "It' s a classic example of Advent history," said Michael Williams, All Saints Farms honorary director, 2008 at The (Nashville) Tennessean.

Burma files charges against Reuters journalists under the Trade Secrets Act

Burma has pushed the legal charges against two reporters working for the Reuters press office. Ethnical tension between Buddhists and Muslims in Rakhine has resulted in armed interventions, the shedding of blood and the flow of tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims across the Bangladesh-Land. Myanmar's Myanmar government's public stance on the crises is that Rohingya are Bengali migrants.

Journals were apprehended on 12 December and held for two whole week without contact with their families or solicitors. "We consider this a completely unjustified, flagrant assault on the liberty of the media. We should be able for our fellow Members to be able to go back to their places of work to report on what is happening in Myanmar. We believe that timing is essential and we remain committed to the immediate releases of Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo," said Stephen J. Adler, Reuters Chairman and Editor-in-Chief.

This move against the reporter has also indignantly affected government, NGOs and journalists' organisations, many of whom have already been worried about the deterioration in the standard of protection of human dignity and possible racial clean-ups in Myanmar. "Heather Nauert, spokesperson for the Federal Foreign Office, said in a statement: "The freedoms of the press, which are so important for the constitutional state and a powerful democratic system, require that it be possible for newspapers to do their job.

"The UN Secretary-General has reiterated his concerns about the escalation of media freedoms in Myanmar and will pursue them and urge the global community to do everything possible to ensure the journalists' releases and media freedom," said United Nations spokesperson Stephane Dujarric. By 2017, Myanmar was voted 131st out of 180 out of 180 nations in the category of media freedoms by the organisation Reporter Sans Frontières.

She reproached the new civil rule for failure of the press industry. "Public agencies are continuing to put pressures on the press and even take direct action to change editing policy. The prevalent racial attitude towards the Rohingya tribe restricts free and sovereign reporting on the state' s human rights crises (Rakhine), he said.

In-house investigation revealed that four members of the police in the Inn Din community near Maungdaw in Rakhine were implicated.

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