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In a video, the famous actor Dwe posed as a woman. U.S. diplomat on Aung San Suu Kyi - Video. The Myanmar Classic Cars Club, Yangon.

Lahi, Filipino Dishes, Classic and Idiosyncratic Alike. Cabrera fought alone with the giant reptile in a fight that was recorded on video.

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Speaking of art: A well-known view on one of the major streets of the town is Ko Ko Ko Aung, a very gifted young man who paints great landscapes in a very brief while. Please click on a image to watch a video..... The kids are playing with the same passion and vigour while preserving their own culture.

Shan State, Inle Shores is Myanmar's second biggest and absolutely unparalleled with its Intha, known for their legs growing technique: rising from the tail of their flat-bottomed boots, one foot wound around an rudder and driving the vessel with her forearm. It is part of the municipality of Nyangshwe, a few kilometers northern of the lakes.

Cruise past ancient towns and stupa, imposing convents such as Phaung Daw Oo Paya (the most sacred place of worship in South Shan State), the many stupa of Aung Min Ga Lar Paya and the swimming garden of the Inthafolk. The Mandalay is regarded as the center of Myanmar's cultural life and there are, among other things, two very different shows to see.

Mandalay Puppet Theater was opened in 1986 by two women singers, Ma Ma Ma Naing and Naing Yee Mar, and has been performed for hours in a small theater since. The show begins with a foreplay, followed by puppet shows featuring various sequences and dance shows; the puppet players are sometimes covered by a drapery, but on other occasions completely shown.

It' a great show of Burmese civilization, musicians and folklore.

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