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This is Burmese Classic Tayar Section Source. Tayar Taw: This is Tayar Damma, Boke Da Win, Classic Song, News Section, Youth Section. Myanmar classic tayar taw picture and pictures. Myanmar classic tayar taw picture and.

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The MEDIATHE Thailand Traditional Performance Events, commemorating the 1970th birthday of Myanmar's political relationship, took place on Saturday evening at the National Theatre in Mandalay. MEDIA 62-year-old Filipino Bayanihan dance first came to Myanmar on Saturday evening at the National Theatre in Yangon. On Saturday evening the MEDIAFund Rising Concerts for Seniors took place in the National Theatre in Yangon.

COMPANY24 participants were chosen for Miss Universe Yangon 2018. They were chosen by invitation of enthusiastics from four Yangon region regions. High above the roads of Yangon you will find an haven of tranquility, a place of tranquility amidst the hectic pace of urbanity. The 4th co-ordination meet for the Bogyoke Aung San feature film and the second funding program for the film' s film' s production and screenings were at the Yangon National The.....

The MEDIAA press release crew with reports from regional and regional newspapers came to Sittwe, Rakhine State, on Monday night to discuss the Myanmar National Airline's activities..... MEDIATThe third co-ordination session on the establishment of a cinema studios, a cinema academy and the evolution of the cinema sector took place in Yangon on Monday.

Upon the wish of the public, MEDIATwo Myanmar films called "Night" and "Deception" will again be shown in them. MEDIA-Myanmar plans to set up a film studios and skills schools in Nay Pyi Taw to develop the country's film industries, Xinhua reports. Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF) has strongly proposed that striated Catfish should be bred not only for domestic but also for exports, as Chinese consumer.....

Business from left, Moe Moe, Shwe Win, Kyaw Thet, Than Htay Aung and Zaw Bo Khant at a news briefing on the start of Myanmar EITI in Yangon (Photo- Khine Kyaw, Myanmar Eleven) in an endeavor..... BUSINESS Sectors the major exporter of roo fishing, Saudi Arabia's suspending the import of fishery from Myanmar, from April, has affected roo fishing distributors, due to falling prices for their.....

The first BMW X2 was presented in Myanmar by BUSINESSBMW Asia and Prestige Automobiles. Its unmistakeable styling and sporting, urbane genes impress both in a classy car and in the BMW X-manual..... BUSINESS New stores will be added to the 76 Mile Mini service area, which welcomes up to 1,200 people a day, according to U Han Zaw, Minister of Construction of the Union, during the Phyithu Hluttaw gathering on 19 June.....

"and First Myanmar Investment Co. BUSINESS The value of shares listed on the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) last months recorded an all-time low, according to daily trade figures published by YSX on-line, state newsreports. BUSINESSA The revised Myanmar Company Act requires all businesses to re-register with the Directorate of Investment and Corporate Administration on-line or in the DICA offices as of August 1.

A World Heritage Site Bagan Cultural ForumGENERALPUBLIC Sensitization Discussions were conducted in 43 towns in the Bagan area to increase people' s understandings of why Bagan should be declared a World Heritage Site, so.... U Maung Aung, Yangon Regional Transport Authority (YRTA) Clerk, said this weekend, "New coach stations to give Yangon the much needed faceliftGENERALFMIDecaux has started building a number of new coach stations in Yangon.

First of these stations, the..... More than 1000 Burmese immigrant labourers came back from ThailandGENERALMore than 1000 came home earlier this month after a Thai action against unlawful labourers that began on Sunday. The Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) has chosen to apply for the vast majority of free places in the November by-election.

There will be by-elections on November 3rd. .... The Belt and Road Initiative will pave the way to Myanmar and the Belt and Road Initiative of Chinese Ambassador GENERALChina to construct motorways and cross-roads across Asia and beyond will offer a path to Myanmar and help to end the animosities between ethnically based and nationally based people?

GENERALGrab, a South East Asian RideHailing services company, is planning to maintain its position as Myanmar's No..... On July 4, GENERAL residences in Latvia protested to the Myanmar-Wanbao Company in Monywa to demand the cessation of the Lepadaung coal mines.

You said Myanmar Wanbao Company.....

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