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Burma Expedition

Subtitle - the subtitle edition: In contrast to other editions in the Netherlands, this Bluray offers an on-screen menue that allows the viewer to choose episodic and subtitle choices (Dutch / Off). It was made over two month specifically with the intent to demonstrate the uniqueness of Burma's vast rainforest and the need to preserve it in its totality.

Seventy-five percent of Burma's people make their livelihoods with the country. A further big issue is the extent of wildlife hunting, where wild animals catch fire, as shown in a sequel, while trying to flee. Immediate access to China is another issue due to high costs for vulnerable varieties that are being slaughtered for conventional drugs.

Attempt to find proof for the cultivation of elephant groups. Because of the thick flora this is a very demanding job, but only at the end of the planned period the proofs were at last filming. The aim of Episode 2 was to find and catalog as many kinds as possible.

Specifically, the squad was hoping to find proof of sun bears, Asian Golden Cats and Cloudy Leopards. These are all main goals for the poacher. The search for this story took place in the wooded area of Salu. This last incident raided the Tamanthi area in the northern and the Karen state in the southern hemisphere.

In both cases the aim was to find proof for the raising of cats. Karen state was a more likely area, as the people there had a built-in regard for game. However, the wellbeing of wild animals seems to be an unlikely prioritisation given the enormous pressure already being put on the new administration.

Hokusai's daughter's dazzling life

Behind the scenery, however, a wife helped him: his daugther O-Ei. Courara was always the act of drawing for O-Ei, the daugther of Edo time champion Katsushika Hokusai. She was fascinated by paintings since her early years. Egg is at his side as he finishes his iconset " Thirty-six Viewes of Mount Fuji ".

As Hokusai got too old to use his paintbrush free, O-Ei becomes his "brush" and draws for him.

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