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In 654 views since Monday 27-Jun-2016. naloon thar lay tinn ma htar nain bu kwe. Purchase Burmese Days (Penguin Modern Classics) New Ed by George Orwell, Emma Larkin (ISBN: 9780141185378) from Amazon bookstore. Okay..

.. Let me tell you about this old movie. 1945, directed by Raoul Walsh, with Errol Flynn, James Brown, William Prince, at Turner Classic Movies. Shae Saung Cinema around 2016.

Dreaming behind the wall

They are the main role of the liaison that will help us to get to know the lives of their family, and thus of the whole population. Featuring a combination of breath-taking Andean meditation and a recording of bourgeois activity that recalls the struggle between David and Goliath. Raghda and Amer clashed in jail through a gap in the walls.

Raghda was back in jail and Amer had to take good charge of his people. But Amer persuades the reluctant Raghda to abandon Syria. behemouth is a Bible creature, the animal of an unbeatable land. The movie works like a movie parabola focusing on China's huge machinery, noises, mud, damaged natural environment, ill and moribund people.

An enthralling look behind the curtain of the battle with the Mexico drugs-cartels which are nearly like a game. It won the Best US Dokumentary Award at the Sundance Festival and was shortlisted for an Oscar. After the overthrow of the Taliban, this report follows a four-man photojournalist from Afghanistan who was one of the first to establish free music.

They catch the face of Afghanistan from the viewpoint of those who were originally from Afghanistan and have their relatives and loved ones there. Instead of choosing their photographs according to the wishes of newscasters, they seek the genuine face of a restless land where until recently photographing was a sin.

It is a work by two US directors that has won several renowned prizes. 1972 Politics launched the pioneering "Family of the Future" program, which aims to create a contemporary culture in which the emphasis is on individuals' autonomy and not even familial relations can jeopardize their own fortunes. Forty years after this socio-scientific experimentation, Sweden is a land of shattered gang.

Humans often go on living alone and dying alone, nobody miss them. It is a shock testimonial in the shape of a movie essays. With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Eastern Bloc, a new, boundless underworld was celebrated. Each side has its own life and its own aspirations. More than just private faces, this highly acclaimed movie experience explores the present phenomena of the wall.

It is a film about the realities of Southern Sudan through the eye of a man whose whole lifetime has been marked by the violence of a land that has so far been ruled by a law: the force. A wealthy New Delhi pair - a film-maker and a solicitor - have a peaceful home environment, at least until they hear about the murder of their maidservant Cecilia's sister.

Unexpected incidents are detected a few moments before the deaths of some individuals......... Cooking men and home cooking for a living are the new wheels in the equal opportunities race. "The project investigates the impact of FGM (female FGM ) on the world' s population using profiles of woman.

Born in 1956 to the gypsies of Palestine, Yousef and his woman Amna have been living in a hut in an apparently quiet place, far away from the noise of decay. Roshmia's lives remain at peace until the Israelis approve a new street plan and have their lands seized and expelled.

The 90-minute report on the breakdown of the Kim regime in Korea is entitled While they watched. It scrutinizes the morale of the present inactivity of the region and the world' s power over the Dictait. A revealing documentation investigates one of the greatest bans in Judaism.

During the whole movie the producer searches for a suitable way to tell his young boy why he should keep this command, which is considered by many to be irrational and even unrealistic. HendNafea and tens of thousands of other young female Egyptians came to Cairo in 2011 to protest against centuries of war.

Even though her mum and dad asked her not to speak about their experiences, she held out. Instead, in a land where the armed forces and Islamists are struggling for control, she is looking for liberty and fair. Demonstration harassment of females shows how much less well off the situation of females is for males.

Coming from the struggle of Herd and other females against the justice system and prejudices, this film presents the social incidents that began with hopes during the Arab Spring and ended in the anguish of new repression. This is the beginning of a new, extravagant Shan princesse.

Inge is well-informed about the many unspeakable regulations, but tries to make her subjects' life better and often encounters difficulties among her own people: You are not prepared to contest ancient convictions that discriminated against them. Sao is arrested after a putsch by the Myanmar army.

Inge, with her strength, turns out to be the perfect spokesperson for her nation and does everything she can to free it. Eventually, they and their kids are compelled to flee the land. Inge takes a flight and is safe - but she won't be able to rest until she finds her man Sao.

Yangon, Myanmar/Burma, a few years after the opening of the land, while the election affirmed the election of Aung San Suu Kyi's democracy faction, the Yanmagon feature took a portrayal of a transforming town. The protagonists of transformation - architecture, photography, activists, journalism, poetry - take us to the hearts of their cities.

It is a full-length feature about the Asiatic toilers ( "Indian Tamils, Burmese & Javanese") who worked like a slave in Siam (Thailand) on the Burmese killing train during the Second World War. Noble Nok Dah provides an insight into the life of three Burmese refugees whose trails intersect in Thailand and finally get together when they return to New York.

Based on feministic verbal histories and ethno-fiction techniques, the movie draws a glimmer of objectivity that complicates every single narration of the refugees' impression. Whilst cameramen' moves are following the texture of daily routine and work, a web of sensual excerpts immerses the audience in female self, place and affiliation-tellings.

This is the astonishing tale of an élite crew of filmmakers, free diver and activist going on a concealed quest to explore a secluded bay in Japan and unravel a mysterious and fatal mystery. Her longevity was not so much due to "good genes" as to "good music".

It' s often said that anxiety and hate devour the mind - but could one argue that it is the same thing that can nurture the mind and free the mind - the lives of the people around us - and in the case of Alice - the people? Alice was not weary of saying until the end of the day: "Music rescued my own lives and still my own musical life" (Alice HerzSommer November 26, 1903 - February 23, 2014).

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